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working at that store is actually pretty crazy


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i havent got the time to post all the stories about these customers so im posting the most craziest one.


so saturday im checking out people and i hear what i first thought were people fighting.. i just hear yelling and i dont hear very well but all i can make out is "IM AT (STORE!!)"

so i keep workiing and i still hear yelling and screaming. this lady appears upfront and she is still screaming. shes to the side of me and i can make out whats shes screaming over and over "THEY STOLE MY PURSE!!  I TOLD HIM TO WATCH! I NEED MY PURSE! IT HAS MY KEYS AND LICENSES IN IT!!! " just screaming at the top of her lungs. the managers are trying to calm her down and shes screaming at them. i  never heard anyone scream so loud. and she keep going on and on "MY PURSE I NEED MY PURSE BACK" 10 minutes past and shes basically walking in circles of the whole store screaming and everyone is staring at her and then she starts screaming at other customers "DID YOU TAKE MY PURSE. YOU WERE BACK THERE. DID YOU TAKE IT"

so i found out yesterday what happened

 she went into the bathroom and left her purse with her husband to watch. somehow she comes out the bathroom yelling and my coworker says she was peeing herself while she was yelling. the lady comes to my register and buys pants and goes and puts them on leaving her wet pants all over the floor in the bathroom.

Anyway, another customer went into the bathroom and found the lady's purse. I dont know if it was always in there or if someone really tried to grab it but then got nervous and put it back because she was causing such a ruckus. 


ive been a cashier before but it was at target and none of their bougie customers lose it like the ones where im at now


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