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Going swimming late at night is a pretty frightening experience


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One night I went swimming alone in a quarry hundreds of feet deep while it was raining and I was drunk. I ended up in the middle of the water at one point and, because I wear glasses and had taken them off before getting wet, and because it was so dark, I got so spun around I couldn't tell which way to swim back to shore (most of the quarry is surrounded by steep cliff faces, there's only one small path that leads down to the water.) I remember feeling all drunk and tired and kept floating on my back in circles looking up at the cloudy rainy summer sky. I was probably talking to myself too. Remember breathing pretty hard. Eventually I found my way back to the only shallow spot but passed out on a rock as soon as I got most of the way out of the water. I don't know how long I was asleep but woke up later when the cold rain really started coming down hard. I couldn't find my shirt or glasses so I grabbed this XL gray army shirt someone else had left and drove home wearing that, no glasses, still drunk, barely able to see through my rainy windshield at 2:30am

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