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Workplace cafeteria

1938 Packard

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If it's state food and anyone sees you, and you get turned in you'll get so busted and fired let me say

why... If someone sees you and it goes over your

supervisors head, like a department head finds out

they are going to send your boss's boss to bitch

at your supervisor, you causing three people to have

to cover for you, because they can't risk

Their job.


A woman used to steal from a lunchline

I worked in and you bet your ass if

It made it over two supervisors heads

That I gave away free food I would

embarrassed and just quit, so since my

supervisor was letting it slide too much

way to much, I told on her before some

stupid shithead gets busted with five

pounds of scalloped potatoes ham

casserole shit ain't even edible fuxk

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