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  1. people instigate problems and cause fear. they can attack you, ruin you, and worse
  2. I don't want to be harassed, remembered for my stupidity or mistakes, and I realized somehow that its too dangerous
  3. no way im scared and these people don't like me
  4. I cant stand it anymore, they are mean and heartless and probably impersonating me and stuff I don't know what I did to them
  5. I was here checking something and saw that he's not me I am also wondering if I should be scared of getting harassed or anything by people here who don't like me I have 95% quit this site now but I am scared I made enemies somehow and I don't want to have their hate following/lingering
  6. she thinks her last name is her occupation
  7. her face measurement looks like a waist measurement
  8. I have said I was pro-legalization a few times honestly, and im still going to fall back on alcohol being a harder drug a little, but I don't understand what society is going to do about the ones that actually go insanely paranoid. I know its clumsy of me to not have said that before but I believed strongly that society and citizens of the dope life will represent and be able to overcome, face the problems like adults, but I for realz fucking memory lapsed the segment of the population that's going to lose their fucking minds
  9. do they even understand the market? the quality of legal dank is going to kick newbs fucking asses, they are going to go full another world, paranoid and kill people, drive their fucking cars into on coming traffic, and throw their lives away for harder drugs. this has to be a plan to disable millions of people by communists or eugenicists, and leave them unable to participate in the society around them, making them incapable of voting, getting an education, or ever hold a job. look at these sheeples reaction to that fucking synthetic garbage, hospitals lined up with people who think they od'd. wtmf jesus fchrist
  10. that's nice but in reality, under 21 is a minor. legal age of adulthood is usually 18, I think don't quote me on it because I believe some places its 19. and I think in some weirdo polygamist incest states it 17 or 16. but if you ask me under 30 is legally retarded
  11. @Admin_Raptorpatthere is a member birthday on the site landing that says 14 years old. you are an adult only site right? how is that even possible to have permission to post? are you going to remove that accounts permissions are erase that embarrassing birthday notification pat?
  12. im pretty sure this is positive peer interaction im experiencing here. so ill stay confused to be safe.
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