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still waiting to hear back from other interviews


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another major medical insurance company made me take a simulator test and then a language and grammar test that was hard as fuck. so get this, i pass both tests. i go to the interview and they put us all in a room and all these people talking abt how they failed the language test. they make us fill out all this onboarding paperwork. this one lady says shes been there before and they hire on the spot so im thinking...ok im good. she calls this one dood with all these degrees...so im like...oh..people with harder jobs have individual jnterviews but theyre about to hire me. she calls a second person...then calls ME...im like WTF...no im supposed to be with the group theyre immediately hiring....but no...remember i passed both tests? well lo and behold i have to go to a fucking panel interview and she goes "now this hiring manager is rejecting most applicants so dress professionally". i can not begin to tell you how mad i was!! people who didnt even pass their stupid fucking test got hired on the spot! but no im sent to a man who hates everybody. panel interview was fucking intense, too. cant wait to tell them to shove it! and if they reject me they really arent hiring any goddamn body!

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