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Phillies guide on how to pleasure your waifu


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Step 1: Make romantic dinner. Use candles. Cooking sillz are a plus, but microwavable pizza and milk are fine too. 




Step 2: Bring waifu to bedroom or basement, dim lights, have romantic music playing.





Step 3: In a direct gesture, throw target appendage around waifu. Being obnoxious and lewd is acceptable, remember waifus like that- Just act like Zeni. 





Step 4: The birds and the bees. You guys remember health class.




Step 5: congratulate yourself.



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billions make it without a waifu. i myself have turned to overdosing on prescription pills and oversharing on message boards.


I'd rather go with the waifu then the over dosing on the pills part. I mean don't get me wrong, the pills def help.


You should get a husbando. Is that what they are called?

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