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Dont call businesses lying your ass off


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Me:you have to fill out the form

Customer: oh i didnt have to fill out the form last year. I did it over the phone (basically insinuating that i dont know how to do my damn job)

*searches for last years claim

Me: well this is interesting. I have your claim form from last year with your signature. We signed your name on your form, too?

Customer: i guess not but ill fill out the form. Please send it to me.




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Wow, your customer service experience is so unique and interesting. Nobody has ever in the history of mankind had to deal with such extreme hardships.


man I have some of the best work stories...we have people threaten violence....scream and yell...call the cops on us...we call cops on them....when they happen it's mortifying...but if you montage them...it would be an awesome movie

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