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July 8th. Family Guy at 11, Jack at 3:30

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He's afraid if he does, it'll sound like he's blaming the viewers for not watching it being the reason the schedule changed, just like he did with the downsizing of the block in 2015.


When GXP got moved to 3 AM, they announced it on a Pre-Flight. Eh whatever.

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Wait, so does that mean we gain the 3:30 slot instead, or does Jack rerun as [AS] regular...


I'm confused.


So am I! I guess we'll find out tonight! From a PR standpoint, beginning and ending the block on the bottom of the hour sounds really bad. I mean, who the hell else does that for normal network TV? Then again, I guess it will just go back to how it was in January and February! But I'm really hoping they retain the bumpers for Samurai Jack at 3:30 AM. Plus, even though it's starting over (why!?), it could just get replaced by FLCL S1, I guess!

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i have to imagine it's part of toonami.


if they're gonna run a lineup promo for the next few weeks there's no 11 pm jack but they could slightly edit everything to match the new times. stupid to run a lineup promo for these next few weeks if they're not gonna bother doing that.


this should mean they're airing 2nd gig.

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Figured this would happen sooner or later.  I was never a fan of Toonami starting at 11:00 anyway, so this is better for me, at least.


I didn't mind Toonami starting at 11, but it has to be with PREMIERES of the RIGHT show. Samurai Jack in premieres WAS that show. In reruns, especially like the 6th time around? Not so much.


My only thing is that unless a version of the schedule bump comes out early this week, the casual fans are gonna get another nasty surprise this Saturday night when they tune in and find that Family Guy is still on at 11 PM. Toonami needs to produce a new schedule promo and run the hell out of it or else it may take a ratings hit on July 8th.


The only silver lining is that Family Guy at 11 PM will probably have built its audience by the time JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders premieres on July 29th!

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Just as I and about everyone else predicted!  Shock of all shocks, after the brain trust put Jack reruns at the top of the block they did shit ratings, they got booted, and cost us the opening slot!  GOOD JOB ADULT SWIM!


Hahahahahaha wait what?  They're sticking it at the end?  And starting it over? :D :D :D :D :D :D


I mean, fine... it's probably going to be a different set of people who start watching the run at the end of the block, but you already did a marathon and reran this show on multiple days in addition to the failed rerun at the top of the block.  There's no more appetite for this at this point.  Congrats on shooting yourself in the foot with a gatling gun and Bebop-ing Jack within the matter of a few months!


But, at least it won't cause any more hemorrhaging to the rest of the block and the threat of further downsizing is averted.

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