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  1. It is. The previous record was the schedule for July 20, 2019, announced at 5:55 pm on the 16th, Tuesday afternoon. The rerun of Dragon Ball Super last September was revealed on the .com schedule when it normally updated at 5:05 am Tuesday morning. Past 11 pm Wednesday night right now.
  2. complains that my hero academia has to take off three weeks with two episodes left, WANTS yashahime to take FIVE weeks off with three episodes left.
  3. complain that they're taking three weeks off when shows are close to ending anyway, and then complain that they're airing one of their remaining current shows during a month without any new shows and a block with three other open slots to fill. what the fuck do you want dude?
  4. seriously. "the block is taking 3 weeks off! these shows are ending in mere weeks and they're delaying those few episodes! people are gonna ditch this block for streaming!! whoa whoa whoa hold on, why the fuck aren't they saving all 3 yashahime episodes for january? this is peculiar!!" what do you want?
  5. what is your deal? "why toonami WHY are you airing one of your current shows when i've been complaining about a lack of content"
  6. every adult swim schedule is here https://sites.google.com/site/swimpediaiscoming/adult-swim-schedules/2021
  7. am i the only one who knows that's mittypip? he's supposed to be banned from the subreddit.
  8. he didn't even know that anything happened to it
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