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  1. It's almost no risk to them, but if they have a new show in mind to replace MHA, I don't think we'll see it until the 11th. We may do another fan favorite MHA (maybe the 2nd place episode). Or maybe take it a step further and do a modern "Power to the People" where they can pick any episode of any show from a list
  2. Zap2it currently has the normal lineup (with episode titles) scheduled, as does TV Guide. On TV Guide, it lists MHA at midnight with a generic series description. This doesn’t mean it’s rerunning, but that they don’t have any data for the spot and it’s a template for what has usually aired there. I figured it would have an episode listed if it was, but it could very well be another “what’s your favorite episode” deals. My reasoning behind this is that while the 4th might be fine and not so risky to run this normal, rerun heavy lineup, STARTING a new show at the top of the block wouldn’t be the best idea. The 11th is also the earliest we might get Jojo back so having a new show at midnight plus the return of Jojo would be a good start to July. The lack of a marathon announcement today makes me even more confident we aren’t getting one
  3. I think the main point of contention is that before current events, they were already in a cutback phase and this is the longest the block has ever gone without a fresh show that wasn’t a sequel. Many on this board don’t consider PA a “premeire” because we watched it on ASA and if that was our last chance for a new show for awhile, I can’t blame some for being disappointed- despite the quality of the program. Clover and Naruto have their detractors so also and may not even watch them (me for instance). I do wonder how much of the backlash is the dissatisfaction over the lack of new or the fear that ratings are going to suffer leading to more cuts. If it’s the latter, I’d stress that it’s more important that the block be something you enjoy over a constant fear over its potential demise.
  4. They’ll try it anyway I’m sure, it’s worked out so well for them before.But with MHA potentially not being replaced and the block leading with 3 reruns, it will feel rather stale. Without fresh stuff up front, it won’t give people a reason to stick around for the new stuff. I don’t know what they are going to do, but theyl really should try and get a back catalog show from Funimation or Crunchyroll. I know they are picky about the lead slot, but trying something new is better than just leaving MHA in reruns. What were they going to do had COVID not happened? I think the only thing that threw them for a loop was Food Wars not being able to continue. I think negotiations didn’t happen in time to get season 3, so they got Mob on to take the 1am slot and just brought Paranoia Agent (which was intended to replace Demon at 12:30) out a few weeks early. I can’t see Mob at 1am as anything other than a temporary fix to plug a hole they didn’t know they’d have to fill. I’m also hoping they still had a deal on and this wasn’t something they chose to acquire over a fresh title. I want to believe good things are coming, but nothing that’s happened this year (even before COVID) has been good news in terms of fresh acquisitions. 5 premiere slots lost (6 depending on how you view PA) since the beginning of the year and them also not replacing MHA leads me to believe it’s money related and what we had coming was mostly sequels that may not happen this year. So I’m hoping they actually have plans to replace MHA. They were always going to have to anyway between seasons
  5. I doubt they’d let it get that bad, but if that were the case, they need to move the actual premeire shows up. They can’t have the block led by reruns
  6. That’s what bothers me, if they put time and money into picking up Mob again (assuming it just wasn’t still under contract), they could’ve just as well made a deal for another show they’ve never aired before. I don’t know if it was a deal of “We like Mob so let’s get it again!”. If that was the deal (same with PA), it’s a little bothersome that they just go for things that they either like, like the creator, have aired before or know it’s the newest Shonen. There’s a ton of catalog titles they never aired that they could potentially air right now with nothing new coming out. If they could make new deals for those shows- why not something new?
  7. Someone should get him to live tweet 😂
  8. I do feel like they do need some new people to help curate some content for the block. I think it can only make the block better
  9. Do you think he actually is fighting them because he feels like if he gives an inch, they'll just take over? I personally am hoping that they eventually try and have some synergy between CR and Toonami. In fact, . I'm all for them sort of attaching their brand to the block in some way First, I'd like CR to eventually fold itself into HBOMAX so its all in one place I would like the the block to have some CR dubs that air on Toonami first and go to HBOMAX right after. I'd like them to be a main force in programming the block to bring in some fresh ideas. The block can open with a popular Viz or Funimation title (Bleach, DB, or MHA) to bring in a crowd, followed by some CR titles, and the usual Black Clover/Naruto ending. I feel like both brands have something to offer and be mutually benefitial to each other
  10. I’m going to be honest- I really don’t like the direction of the block. The lack of anything new even before the current situation just makes it kind of blah with nothing really to look toward to either. Even without COVID-19, it didn’t seem like they had much lined up this year. I figured if they got down to 3 hours of premeires with an equal mix of long and short runners, that would be good, but now instead of cutting slots, reruns are replacing premiers. If they don’t get a new show for MHA, that’ll be it for the summer. I was hoping we’d get more catalog titles to keep things semi fresh, but this is making me lose faith in them
  11. So are you shifting now more towards using Kai as the base and just replacing certain characters. I’ve been spot checking the original episodes and have been suprised how characters like Vegeta and Krillin go back and forth between the Z and Kai dubs. How do you choose which version to use?
  12. Can’t deny that. Whatever problems they had with playing Bobs didn’t do Toonami any favors.
  13. They are essentially showing a month old rerun of it. Considering they were handing out coupons for a month of Funimation, I bet they’d rather you didn’t know it aired on Toonami. They are more than happy to take a check from Toonami though to air it on a delay I bet a very small percent of people watching in the theater watch it on Toonami. Considering they are airing episodes from 6 weeks ago, most fans of the show probably even abandoned the simuldub and are watching the sub. Even if we had the premeire, the idea of having to tune in at a specific time is too much for today’s audience and they’d probably stream it anyway
  14. Curious to see how the prime time ratings panned out. All we know is that Toonami only got an OK start at 455/0.2. It seems to always work best when they put American Dad next to Family Guy, but lately they've been using it as their prime time anchor more and more
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