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  1. Got to see how Super did to see if that also did lower than usual I think that hyped Elon Musk SNL may have diverted some attention away
  2. A worry I think we all have is that no matter how low the numbers get for Super, they'll still believe anything else will just perform worse. its gong to be a catch 22 until they actually try something different
  3. Network just cares about retaining Family Guy and getting the 1200 slot as high as it can be for advertisers
  4. I get it. You kind of feel like an audience who could care less for the block is catered to over the dedicated week in week out fans I feel the same with the holiday rationale. We pause for the people who only watch when it’s convenient for them. You feel a sense of ownership and more things of a right to have things different because at the end of the day you devote more of your time to the block than the casuals. I totally get it. I feel the same about theme parks during the busy season when the tourists who only go on holidays crowd the parks and kind of “take it away from me” for awhile. But remember- the casuals are the majority of the viewership. Still hate that every show suffers the chance at a better timeslot to cater to a rerun
  5. Especially if you’re moving the block back to a time period that just a few months ago was said to did not work. It could very well just not be a good time for viewers to catch it due to going out and not being home.A lot of the viewership work second shift, there’s also dinners out, and movies ect.
  6. Honestly, I don’t know why he felt compelled to say anything. According to him, he doesn’t have a say in the schedule- so he always uses it as an opportunity direct the anger to the programming department while blaming fans for not watching when that wasn’t entirely true. I just wouldn’t say anything rather than talk just so he can say something. He did it too when they had to stop the 7 hour Toonami in 2018. He said something to the effect of “Yeah. I tried to tell Lazzo that wouldn’t work but he insisted on trying it” His own boss. I guess they all have a good relationship
  7. They kind of took a gamble that the fans of the show would follow along (and they did). What wasn’t helpful was Jason’s comments about “well maybe if more people watched at 10:30 it wouldn’t have to move”. A little misleading statement. The show wasn’t doing bad- just not 10:30 good. Earlier in the year they acknowledged 11 was the earliest the block should start- but the “gotta shove Titan in right when it’s done so Funimation can stream it”forced an expansion There was a lot of talk at the time that moving it to 3:30 was in retaliation for Funimation backing out of a deal or something and that “power move” brought them back and we’ve had a bunch of their shows since then. I even heard some talk that it’s what got Toonami season 4 so quickly. Not sure if that was a thing or not- who knows? I think it was just a programming chess move and it had nothing to do with anything else At the time, it did feel like kind of a burn off and we were done with MHA
  8. I want to say that the network made then shift back to 11 because MHA wasn’t performing at 10:30. They also knew they wouldn’t be playing season 4 right after 3 ended. They didn’t know when exactly it would play either. But they didn’t want to shift the whole lineup so they lazily just moved MHA to 3:30 because it basically got it out of the way. There was simply too much else going on with the lineup at the time to do anything else with it if the network wouldn’t let them keep 10:30. They probably weren’t intending to replace it with anything at the time (although they did end up replacing it with Dr. Stone and shoving Lupin down to the death slot)
  9. This is not a way for them to say things like “see? Anime doesn’t perform on weeknights” Everything is working against it
  10. We’re at a point (and probably always have been) where they’ll say that one of the reasons the block continues to be profitable is because they only do the bear minimum of on network promotion and virtually no outside promotion. They are perfectly fine with Toonami just existing and not being any bigger than it is when it comes to acquisitions. The best we got is tweets from the VAs and the company itself. The fact that Toonami has no official Twitter account doesn’t help either. But we never see ads on websites or YouTube. I guess they don’t care to spend to hype up something they don’t own and have unlimited use of. Meanwhile everyone asks “When’s Demon Slayer getting a dub on Netflix?” the strategy for the originals will have to be vastly different.
  11. I saw a video somewhere recently where people were talking to the downfall of CN and how kids aren’t into their shows anymore. One of the hosts talk about how kids are more into things like Demon Slayer. The literally weren’t aware the channel airs it. Granted it’s on AS late at night, but Toonami has the dub premiere of the biggest show right now and they aren’t a driver of its popularity compared to streaming services. Again, I saw so many people asking Funimation “why they haven’t dubbed it yet” since it wasn’t on their app dubbed at the time. So many were unaware of its Toonami airing. The networks advertising doesn’t really make it out of their own orbit. The decline of cable just adds to that Hopefully they get the dub premiere of 2 and they promote that!
  12. I think they may have been offered it and turned it down due to Boruto not working. I can’t see why it’s on multiple other platforms (meaning no exclusive deal) and Toonami not getting while it’s new. That’s the kind of thing you make room for since it’s a big title that’s a sequel to one of your mainstays. They may have it and are saving it for later, but I find the whole thing strange that they wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity before given the relationship with Viz
  13. That leads me to question why they wouldn’t use it as weeknight filler at some point too
  14. I’d wager to say in the current, “safer” direction the network seems to be taking in preparation of losing FG will make them even less likely to give Super up-even after it finishes. The impending loss for them in the fall will make them cling to every “safe” thing they can. That may be why they were willing to air MHA at front last year but not now. Looking at the upcoming schedule change for AS, it looks likely they’ll concentrate all the airings of Dad and Bob (maybe ditching encores) in the earlier hours just to stay competitive. Without FG it’s an uphill battle and they consider Super the “FG” of Toonami so I think it hangs around- even airing in front of their originals. They value stability over everything If MHA gains on Super regularly , I think they’ll have a harder time defending it. But they’ll stick to the “we see data you don’t” explanation lol
  15. I feel like this is a big transition year for AS. Losing FG means they have to restructure the whole schedule. They seem to be playing it safe by loading up on more American Dad and green lighting more half hour comedies that feel a little more “normal” than the bizarre things they have picked up in the past. It feels like they won’t move away from Dragonball because it’s the surest of sure things and it may be hanging around even after it reaches the end. I don’t think the originals have the “lead show” factor and I can see them insist Super air in front of those as well
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