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  1. It has to be MHA. Although it could be Mob but I can’t see the huge delay in announcing it.
  2. That’s partly why I consider FunimationNow a main Toonami competitor. They’ll always prioritize it over letting the block dub premeire anything. But regardless they should make an announcement before the season airs whether or not they are getting it. Otherwise I see no reason why anyone who is interested in the show to wait around
  3. I’m talking more about things that are fully available and complete, not stuff that may be a little ahead on streaming. With that, you still are kind of getting fresh content. But with a show like SH, it’s been done and you could go watch the whole thing. I just think they are better getting current season stuff. Even airing the dub when the sub has been done for awhile (Jojo, HxH) doesn’t yield good results. Demon Slayer will have a bit of this problem as well
  4. Lets not waste a slot on a show that’s fully available dubbed online for free.
  5. It's not really that big of a deal, they just double up on something they do have a dub of- Dr. Stone. I don't think we should intentionally stay behind if we can help it
  6. At the end of the day, I think they are trying to stay current and not fall further behind the simulcasts. If they have to take a little hit on the 4th of July, so be it. The long game is what’s important. We can’t do things the old way anymore
  7. I think it’s going to be a matter of knowing about certain shows and making deals before Funimation announces a streaming date. They also can’t keep up with FN if they have a day and date release with the sub because delays will happen. I don’t like though when Funimation forces us to stay behind, but that’s the best we can do to get their shows
  8. I know, this is beyond dumb. They should've just put the schedule out last week with a TBD at midnight. It's not a bad thing to say a new show is coming at that timeslot- at least then you don't risk the whole nights DVR recordings being screwed up. I don't think a marathon is happening- they would've said something by now since that's not really a big "secret" like a new show is. If they spring that on us a week out- it's really going to piss people off (not that they care )
  9. I think we’ll be fine without Super since it’s such an outlier, but AS may need to move FG to 11 if they want to stay competitive in that time slot
  10. When I saw him approach Lalah on the dock, I was like "NO! Walk away right now! Don't even look at her! Trust me, nothing good will come of this"
  11. Yeah I think they stand to lose more from a show like Squidbillies that they invest a lot in. Whereas if it was a newer show like the Jellies, Lazur Wolf, or Joe Pera, they’ll run it on s holiday weekend. One clue is that certain shows they’ll stream for free the Friday before and some they won’t. The biggest shows (Tyson, Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty) will not stream ahead and will usually take off holiday weekends. Plus the comedy crowd is more casual about their watching. Also, they have a set date for Robot Chicken and they need to make that line up. In the case of Toonami, the viewership is more steady and people are less likely to skip out because “holidays”. Plus we’ve whittled down viewership to such a low degree that the risk is less. Hiatuses will now more or less be used to position things where they need to be
  12. Yeah, I’m going with that as well. The only reason we are a week out with announcements is because of deals closing last minute. If they were having a marathon, that would’ve been announced by now
  13. Exactly, that’s why them having only a week out is stupid. We should know this by now and third party schedules take forever to update They do this because if you notice, they’ll change the weeknight lineup on a dime if they aren’t liking what they see s
  14. The difference here is they have episode titles for the shows which come from the network. Whenever they and the cable guides fix this weeks- next weeks should also be updated. This is why this idiocy of only having a week out on the official schedule needs to stop Having a marathon will really mess with things when you have near simuldubs like this. At this point it makes more sense to take a little hit (but still probably beat everyone else that matters) than to cause damage that’ll last months
  15. Outlaw Star is now officially gone as is Megalobox (although that happened some time ago)
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