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Man fidget spinners are so much fun for thirty seconds.

Codename: Jackass

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Then it becomes another trinket gathering dust in a corner somewhere.


Is this where we're headed as a society or am I just jelly I can't enjoy things like the cool 13-year-olds?



Fidget Spinners were designed for people with ADHD and Autism to help them focus, they aren't toys, (well they kind of are but not in the general "we thought kids would think this was fun" sense), there's a reason you don't like them
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I actually really like it. Whenever I'm in a meeting or teleconferencing, I use it to help me get through the boring parts and just kind of concentrate better in general (or distract me if it is a meeting I really don't want to be in).


It's kind of a stress reliever too (at least for me) because for whatever reason if I'm listening to someone and using the spinner at the same time it helps me stay calmer and more focused on whatever they are saying. I'm not sure about the utility of it as a home product but I've definitely found it useful at work.


Next I'm buying this just to see how useful it is.


Fidget Cube



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