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  1. Well it was unclear when he died.....But still, even in 2003....Woulda been a Dick move.
  2. I do fine on my own without some feature to help me out....Besides, anything short of actively pushing up daisies is beneath my requests.
  3. STFU...This is incomprehensible, but if you're saying what I think you're saying....Which is you went to a funeral and thought it poignant to inform them what I'll assume is 20 years later based on how you look that their dead son allegedly picked on you, then I'll say you actually saved face, and I'm sure they don't give a fuck....Especially the day they are putting their son in the ground.
  4. I got bored with the demo...I am not a fan.
  5. No one will see this, but my eye doctor won't release my scrip......He wants me to buy his high ass frames.....Which I will.
  6. fuck no....I have to be drunk for self depreciation.
  7. I mean that pic was obviously vintage af....I have no idea how he connected those dots
  8. lmao.....I thought you were just shy....You might be retarded.
  9. Broke my glasses.....again. And I needed them to drive. Saving grace was I looked in the back seat and my daughter's glasses were back there.....So here I am, a grown ass man with purple and pink striped glasses, attempting to not look stupid. Luckily, it's inventory day, and I get to go to the warehouse and work alone.
  10. You've never fucked a little, have you.. And just for the record, I don't call my daughter, "daughter" in direct reference.....that's stupid
  11. I really thought maybe you you still had that video of Bucket skipping around his green water pool in 2008
  12. I don't plan on posting it here if that's what you mean....But since you're on....WTF with my simba hangs?
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