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  1. It’s not cyber sex, but it may appear that way to someone who has no sex at all. Bless your heart.
  2. He’s making more oven jokes.
  3. I agree. I’m still working on myself. If someone is genuinely happy in the skin they are in who is anyone else to bring them down.
  4. Honestly before i lost my weight i was a thickems. I was on steroids because i was ill and wasn’t comfortable in my own skin like she is, so i think she looks great.
  5. Have you seen yourself, Smeagol? Talking about people’s looks and you’re still rocking a neck braid smelling like hell’s sulfur. Boi.
  6. I like this Bbw i’ve been following on instagram. She wears bikinis to the beach. Stretch marks and all.
  7. I am also afraid of rocks.
  8. I don’t wear clothes.
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