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  1. Ah, man. I can’t drink vodka. XD i get sick every time. I made a pact with myself to never get drunk to the point i throw up. i can drink 18 short of bourbon, though
  2. Im glad you had fun. hope you don’t have a hang over
  3. You are aware i have targeted people off the boards and i actually follow through.
  4. Threaten me the way you threatened fuggs.
  5. I will do this until you’re gone. Just like you said you would be. The difference between what i am doing to you and what you did to fuggs is it is warranted. I also lack sympathy and remorse and there are no lengths i will not go to to expose someone. I have the ammunition i need. All you need to do is tempt me. I am a Tempty afterall.
  6. But alright metalocalypse reject.
  7. You want your main deleted to post on an alt? Lmao
  8. But you posted in that thread saying you wanted it deleted, so why isn't your five-headed goblin ass gone?
  9. What happened to having your account deleted and leaving? Guess that didn’t last long.
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