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  1. Apparently his white colleague a block over was much less polite to police and didn't get arrested
  2. u can pet him once at Christmas and then one more time whenever u like
  3. the coolest xD My first action as admin will be to fix that goddamn x D emoji
  4. Nah, fuck "compassion" for fascist pigs that murder innocent people and get away with it. How can we show them "the error of their ways" when they already know exactly what they're doing? They don't care, it's all about power for them. Most people aren't blaming "all white people" for anything and I've seen plenty of people of all races at these protests. People already tried peaceful protests. A guy knelt during the national anthem and everyone lost their damn minds. People peacefully marched to remind everyone that Black Lives Matter, too; everyone lost their minds because they needed the "too" spelled out for them. Peaceful protests have changed nothing. Not saying that violent protests will necessarily change anything in and of themselves either, but people are mad. They're frustrated. But they're not mad at "all white people". They're mad at cops and the system that not only allows but seemingly encourages sociopaths to enter the police force and do whatever the fuck they want without consequences. ACAB
  5. Cops murder someone, bootlickers rush to their defense. Tale as old as time. At least now that everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times and social media gives every dumbass racist a voice, more and more people are starting to wake up. Just wish I could find a way to put all my anger into action.
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