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  1. We already have one of those tho
  2. Oh yeah that's right I still use that mug all the time
  3. Sure if you can make sure I don't get matched with someone I live with again
  4. It was a chicken stew kind of thing with biscuits. So basically, yeah.
  5. Tbh I'd be more impressed than anything if someone could actually manage to jump on the kitchen counter they're pretty high up
  6. But I wouldn't let a human jump on the counter either
  7. You'll have to drag him there urself
  8. But Gordon is a good boy 😧 He was just excited by the smell of tasty food
  9. He jumped on the counter while I was making dinner. He knows better but did it anyway. That punk.
  10. I think someone mentioned it at a con we went to recently or something. I remember I thought about it once a couple months ago after not thinking about it for like 15 years
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