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  1. There's nothing wrong with Ohio Except the snow and the rain I really like Drew Carey And I'd love to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  2. OK well my grandma on my mom's side had 2 kids and died of cancer when she was in her 40's. Also if I have kids there's a 50% chance of them getting a condition that causes tumors in the nervous system and also potentially a lot of other shit so I'd rather not risk putting a kid through that.
  3. Do it just means u need less to get fucked up xD j/k didn't realize u were taking something don't mix stuff like that
  4. I know I'm saying get drunk and keep playing Halo
  5. Dabbing skeleton can't u read
  6. Athena 92


    I was too busy riding roller coasters now I'm too sleepy to play if u guys are even still playing. Also I only have my phone and this cheap motel doesn't have a smart TV so no way to watch the stream and play
  7. I know lol. This guy deals mostly with email scams, still makes for some interesting content. And if u think about it wastes even more of the scammers time. He'll sometimes go back and forth with these people for weeks.
  8. Secret Hitler (would require all participants to have working mic and use Discord. Probably shouldn't be played after people have started drinking) Skribbl.io
  9. Athena 92


    First time in months that u nerds decide to do this and I'm out of town. Do it next week instead
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