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  1. That's like when Gordon decides to use the litter box literally the second after I finish changing it
  2. I just might try calling her from my work phone this afternoon if I still don't hear anything. I texted her again this morning and still nothing. My coordinator should be making me feel like everything will be okay but at this point she's just the source of my anxiety
  3. I would hope the fact that I've already given her over 2 grand to do her job would mean she's not ignoring me on purpose. Would just be nice to get a text back or something to confirm that and shut off the irrational anxiety thoughts section of my brain that I know is probably irrational but still won't shut up
  4. Assuming I don't have a panic attack and die before tomorrow
  5. Is it rude to text her and be like, "Hey I understand if things happen and you can't talk when you originally planned on it but can you please try to communicate with me when that happens because it makes me really anxious to not hear from you"? Like I'm sure everything's fine and something just came up for her and we'll talk tomorrow but part of me is like, "What if it's not okay and this person who is supposed to be handling all of the decor, and the flowers, and the linens, and the centerpieces, and the day of coordination, and the set up and tear down at the ceremony venue is suddenly unable to do any of that and now it's all up to you with 9 days notice???" and I can't shut off that part of my brain and I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack over it like I literally feel sick to my stomach just overthinking about this.
  6. So my coordinator told me to call her tonight to work out some details. Never said a time for sure but I just called her around the time I usually do when we've chatted in the past. No answer. Texted her asking when we could talk and tried calling again a half hour later. No response after over an hour. This does not help my anxiety
  7. God no. I've been seeing him twice a week a lot lately because he's had a lot of medical appointments and that's the only reason I'll ever see him more than once a week and it's been AWFUL
  8. So we had 2 new therapists start on our team last month and so far it's looking like neither is going to be a good fit but we have a big super important review thing coming up in April and need to have a full team including them This one dude basically does nothing. Well he does some stuff I guess but idk what we never see or talk to him. I noticed he saw one of our clients 4 times this week and 4 times last week. We even told this guy (the staff), "This client is fine. He has poor boundaries and will make it seem like he needs everything but he's fine. See him once a week then don't even talk to him again until next week." APPARENTLY THAT MEANS GO SEE THE CLIENT 4 TIMES A WEEK FOR 2 HOURS EACH TIME EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NO GODDAMN REASON AND YOU'RE RUINING EVERYONE ELSE'S EFFORTS TO SET GOOD BOUNDARIES BY DOING THAT. I went to the guys supervisor about that there's no reason to see any of our clients that much I feel like a snitch but like, don't let yourself be taken advantage of like that.
  9. So they did actually send me a rejection e-mail. They didn't give me specific pointers or anything but it was a personal e-mail from the guy I interviewed with rather than just a boiler plate response. Apparently 16 people applied to the job, I was one of 3 interviewed, and the person they ended up hiring had experience more in line with the position yadda yadda yadda
  10. I swear to god if it's Bloomberg/Trump idc who wins I'm moving to Canada
  11. I was just surprised to get actual feedback about an interview that never happens irl
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