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  1. Interesting. Wonder if we have any walk-in clinics like that in my area.
  2. not yet whenever we do we'll probably include that info on the invitations and on our wedding site which we have but isn't done yet.
  3. In my dream I had these glue traps like the things you use to trap ants but because the bedbugs were so huge one trap could only get like 2 or 3 of them. Flamethrower would have probably been the only way because there were tons of them, in my dream I woke up with my legs absolutely covered in bites.
  4. Bed bugs that were like, 4 times the size of actual bed bugs. I'm constantly paranoid about getting bed bugs so that was a lovely dream
  5. It's high deductible so I may as well not. Routine stuff like physicals and annual OBGYN appointments are covered (but I think that was an Obamacare thing that said stuff like that has to be covered) but anything more complex and my insurance basically pays nothing until I hit my deductible which I think is like $5000? I looked at the statement I was sent with the MRI estimate and it looks like my insurance "negotiated" a discount of like, $100. Yippie.
  6. Apparently the hospital system I use says they provide financial assistance for people who make up to 400% the federal poverty level which I would be covered by though I doubt I'd get much if any financial assistance beyond a slight discount. They also do no interest financing and that bill would qualify me for a 24 month payment plan which is awesome because by the time I get this bill I'll finally be done paying off a payment plan from a surgery I had last year.
  7. For a neurological condition I have that I haven't followed up with any doctor about since like 2004 so I figured I probably should just get checked out. Got a letter from the doctor's office with an estimate of how much I'll have to pay. $2433 with my insurance. God bless America
  8. I legit do want to go back there sometime soon haven't been in probably 10 years and they have two newer coasters that I really, really want to ride. Maybe next year.
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