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  1. My dog seems to value your opinion, and wants you there. He tells me his list of grievances will be witnessed by more than one person.
  2. He seems to respect you more than me. Def a family meeting being planned.
  3. I will post a picture of my self eventually, almost there. just not quite there. i need time.
  4. To answer the question, he seems to be on the fence with pretty much a lot of nonsense he pulls.
  5. Finally someone with some help! i put him in his kennel earlier. i do certainly love him so hes getting out and we can talk and stuff.
  6. he wont stop barking at people walking by. i pull the blinds down, and he just lifts it back up with his nose. seriously starting to get on my nerves. edit: like usual didn't think or spellcheck before i posted.
  7. Because me and you think alike. that simple.
  8. I just wanted to let you know how things have been since Sunday when i farted. I'm Ok, a little nostalgic about the old days, but I can only move forward.
  9. Better late than or then never! but yeah if you are still into it we could probably work something out.
  10. I watched the first episode episode of flight of the conchords with my dad today. can i finally be one of you?
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