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  1. I’m happy for you. the jets look like a well coached team from what I’ve seen despite lackluster quarterback play. Still plenty of time for them to fuck shit up though lol.
  2. I remember that! Unfortunately I think Fitzmagic shit the bed against the Tyrod Taylor era bills by like 1 score right?
  3. I’ll never forget that year. Ryan Fitz, Brandon Marshall, and Eric Decker were sick.
  4. What? At least Saban had the audacity to flatter us with one winning season as a head coach in the nfl.
  5. What a difference a year without Joe Judge can do to a team.
  6. The Giants are 4-1 and the Jets are 3-2? Where am I, and how do I get home?
  7. Stafford looks suspect, though the season is very young and he’s a proven beast. cooper kupp looks like cooper kupp and Allen Robinson looks washed in what was supposed to be a fine OBJ replacement. Reason to worry, but for some insane reason I’m not yet with them.
  8. Agreed, and now with the former pack Favre jeez. I loved me some Favre growing up, ya know just because of how unpredictable and fun he was to watch, and I tended to side with him more on the Arod v Favre feud. But now damn.. how evil Favre is or just I don’t know an absolute idiot? I lean towards more evil though.. I guess my point is fuck the last 30 years of packers qbs lol.
  9. I get why people say that. and also being a jets fan doesn’t help matters when it comes to him. Imo still less of an arrogant asshole than rodgers though.
  10. My Bucs offense looked pretty good I guess considering how we started the year. It’s too bad the defense let us down. but I was watching the game with my older father and there was just things as he said were indefensible against Mahomes. Dudes crazy.
  11. Who knew the Seahawks lions 48-45 would be the best of the 1 o clock slate
  12. Lol, now I hope my bucs handle their business. I doubt it though, because in my mind we need to score at least 30 to beat the chiefs, which from what I’ve seen from the offense so far this season seems impossible. Granted though, we were missing our top 3 wide outs last game and our line sadly sucks. I know people wanna say Brady’s been bad but he really hasn’t, He’s just been ok. But he’s the goat, so criticism is warranted, but Jesus the man is 45 lol.
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