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  1. I think it's fine. It doesn't give you enough opportunities to be a capitalist rogue, though. I also don't understand why they bothered with implementing a character creator when you can't even see your character beyond the inventory screen.
  2. Not if I impregnate you first, bitch
  3. Choking on lobster during a threesome with two big tittied asians
  4. People only harp on her because she's young, getting attention, has a punchable child face, is foreign, too young for attention, attention, talks about science, gives science attention, is an ugly kid and not a cute kid, says stuff, is a kid, cares about stuff
  5. I would empty your corpse and then put myself inside it, effectively making it my exoskeleton. Your body will become my flesh Gundam.
  6. Sure, hope you don't mind me twirling your chest hair with my index finger
  7. Nah It's Cane's sauce
  8. lol it's never been about the chicken -- it's about the special sauce.
  9. What are we *not* projecting onto others? Our entire consciousness is a projection, man. Bro, hit this... we are all victims of relativity and are imprisoned within the ego and the flesh. Fuuuccccc
  10. would you gay ass wrestle Ellen Page
  11. no its wrestling I thought asians were supposed to be smart
  12. This doesn't get you goin? Ur a drunken liar
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