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  1. Nah, it be what it be. The idea is meditation on pain, hence the visual being stuck in time. The context of that scene, from Baraka, is prostitution/sex trafficking
  2. Depends on how relevant the guy who knocked her up is and if she’s really hot enough to sell your youth and soul for.
  3. Thx for putting in all that extra effort to reply 🥺👉👈
  4. But I was wondering why she would even tell me she had a fiance, so them finding out makes sense I guess.
  5. Because she said she lead me on, which doesn’t hurt my feelings but does irk my ego slightly. Plus it just seems like a nice thing to do, let people actually know the person they’re getting in with. also not sure how messaging someone equates to “all this extra effort” but sure, bud
  6. Matched with this girl on Tinder, she's quick to invite me over to smoke, nothing materializes out of that, and then I stop texting her because she's a flake and I got a new job yadayada. Anyways days later she randomly gives me her snapchat and I'm like, 'okay, whatever' and add her because who gives a shit. Talk for a lil bit, nothing crazy, but she invites me over again two different times and I turn down both because quarantine but also because I'm plastered both times. She texts me today that she's 'sorry for leading me on' (which implies I gave a shit and actually tried), and that she's engaged. Then she removes me and all that. Her profile had no mention or evidence of a fiance. I got the idea in my head to message the fiance on instagram and outing her, but I dunno. Maybe they're into some cuck shit or something. What say you?
  7. All three are free. That should convince anyone to at least try it, if not for the shits n' giggles.
  8. Run game on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge and you’ll get a polyamorous marriage goin in no time. Personally though I’ve found Hinge to be the best of the three. That shit is actually quality.
  9. Um, it sounds like he wanted to do more than a little with you. It’s just that you both didn’t know how to communicate. Neither one of you were wrong. Move on and actually talk next time.
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