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  1. Opium

    Made a lil jam

    https://clmn.bandcamp.com/album/of-black-satin Album time
  2. Made an album inspired by Bernardo Bertolucci films and Ryuichi Sakamoto soundtracks. https://clmn.bandcamp.com/album/of-black-satin
  3. Opium

    Made a lil jam

    This one was heavily inspired by RDR2
  4. I've read this is based on the books and not the game, though I'm not sure how much the game isn't based on the book for that to matter. I don't think Henry is right for the role because of his butt chin and voice, but we'll see I guess. I just hope there's a lot of softcore porn in the show.
  5. I would unleash a flood of piss on you that would rival that of God's flood. You will be my Noah, and your body will be the ark which will carry you along my ocean of pee. Upon your back you will see the stars, but in reality they will be my dingleberries, presented once I initiate Phase II of our sexual experience: The Shitting.
  6. Some were quite unsettling. I remember the one with the sister and brother stranded on the side of the road while a serial killer is on the loose, and the brother reassures the sister that everything is going to be fine and leaves to find help, saying that when he returns he'll knock on the window three times. She hides and eventually hears the knocks, but it happens more than three times and she finds out its her brothers foot tapping on the window, his corpse hanging from a branch. That one has always stuck with me.
  7. I like how the Dothraki completely vanished after her death. I'm not sure why they didn't just extinct them in Episode 3. Bran being king is just... hilarious. This whole time, in his spaced out almost mentally handicapped state, Bran was playing the game of thrones. I mean, what was the point of the dragon melting the throne if it's just gonna be replaced with a regent wheelchair?
  8. They don't need to. If Disney gives you Star Wars then you drop everything and do Star Wars unless you're David Lynch. Goldman Sach boys want glory, not art.
  9. I'm cool with Dany being the Mad Queen, but the way this show presents it just doesn't convince me it's earned. So she commits mass genocide over... Missandei? Jon not wanting to bang? If they had put more effort in her breaking naturally over the politics of war and greed for destiny as they did in the past, then cool -- but again, that's not what you're gonna get post-George. Tyrion is made a fucking clown by D&D, holy shit. Gullible and naive, not even remotely the character we've seen before. Arya bailing on her bloodlust: so uh why is she in King's Landing? She doesn't need a reason to kill Dany beyond knowing she decimated innocents. We just needed to see her glorious plot armor once more as she survives a nuclear bomb multiple times. Cleganebowl was the only reason to watch, and yet even that felt somewhat underwhelming. I was hoping for something as brutal as Brienne vs. The Hound but whatever.
  10. Oh, so you're a toddler? I'm pretty sure toddlers can't ride motorcycles anyways, so it's probably for the best
  11. You don't know that for sure.
  12. I'm not assaulting, I'm just unzipping your pants. But sure, I would sexually assault you. I would use my specialized military training to destroy your pants. For Keanu.
  13. If I were a Navy SEAL operative I'd make it a personal mission of mine to hunt you down and entrap you, only to unzip your pants and show the world just how small a penis can be.
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