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  1. https://twitter.com/getFANDOM/status/1450447415044104195 Cowboy Bebop 1998 is a cartoon that tries to be a live-action series. Cowboy Bebop 2021 is a live-action series that tries to be a cartoon.
  2. 😡 Waiting all day for someone to post this thread and that someone turns out ot be one of the many members I set in the Ignored setting. Screw off.
  3. The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! 11 Blue Period 2
  4. https://www.distractify.com/p/disney-plus-anime-shows I guess the popularity and reception of Star Wars: Visions was too much for them to ignore. Whelp. DeMarco's shitting his pants again.
  6. This is exceptionally odd. They do plug the DC Fandome with DC-related stuff, .... but why the most popular DC superheroes specifically. The sea of vast action cartoons is incalcuable. Why just Batman or Superman? They probably weren't able to get sponsors for other events.
  7. .... okay I gotta nitpick. That's clearly not Halloween, so why the hell would they run a marathon of two Batman Halloween episodes on a non-holiday weekend without a DC event tied to it?? Maybe it's because so many of their shows are ending so they need to create more buffers.
  8. The only way Toonami would air Demon Slayer Season 2 soon is if it was a simuldub.
  9. As I mentioned before there are a ton of returning shows with new seasons that Toonami has aired before, plus several new picks I can think of that would be right at home on Toonami. I don't think this is an indication that they'd need to do a lot of last-minute decisions, but it IS a sign that they need to make those decisions NOW. I believe they have already been working on that, or at least they should.
  10. https://gairon.gumroad.com/l/zMScf https://gairon.gumroad.com/l/LGcFrr Urahara helps the Shinigami women earn money for their Women's Association by hiring them in his "family" restaurant. Bleach: Happy To Serve You is an alternate-universe workplace comedy ecchi fan webcomic written by HardcoreHunter and drawn by Gairon. Get the comic that has been going for ten years on DeviantArt in one convenient downloadable PDF that you can read without internet access! You also get pin-ups, omake pages, and more! Spread the word too! This is a fan-made webcomic that has no association with people involved with the actual comic or adaptations. Please support the official releases too. Bleach (C) Tite Kubo, Shueisha, VIZ Media
  11. The Vampire Dies In No Time 2 Danbare Douki-Chan 4
  12. Let me guess. It was way after YashaHime when I typically drop out for the night.
  13. https://www.deviantart.com/gairon/art/Rangiku-and-Isane-Ramen-Shop-Preview-894501585
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