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Found 9 results

  1. In this thread, we talk about how, while we know for certain that we get an epic night of Batman this Saturday, and we know Blade Runner: Black Lotus is coming November 13th, practically everything else about Toonami is a big fat question mark, and here's why... SHOWS ENDING (EPISODES LEFT) Black Clover (0) Fena: Pirate Princess (1) My Hero Academia (2) Food Wars (4?) Yashahime Season 1 (8? 11?) By December, with the exception of Shippuden, we will have an almost completely different lineup. So it would really behoove Toonami to announce what the heck it's gonna do with some of those rotating timeslots! Low hanging fruit: Demon Slayer Season 2; Jujutsu Kaisen; Ass Class Season 2; Harley Quinn Season 2?? (Hell, they ARE airing Batman movies, and you couldn't pick a better time to announce it, especially if it's allowed to air uncut and uncensored at 2 AM/11 PM PT or something!) Longshots: SSSS.Dynazenon; Lupin III Part 6; Mob Psycho Season 2; Boruto Season 2 One thing is for certain: I expect to be surprised! Bring it on, Toonami!!
  2. It's only a week and a day away, and we still don't know if Toonami is doing anything special for the Saturday before Memorial Day. Will they run a marathon, or will they just keep going because the first half of the block is most likely gonna be just reruns anyway??
  3. Currently, we know that One-Punch Man will be showing its final episode on 1/11/20, which means the midnight timeslot on 1/18/20 is unknown right now. So, what do YOU think Toonami will be airing in this timeslot? Will it be something new, or will they just move shows up to give a rerun to One-Punch Man Season 2? EDIT: Mystery solved. Sword Art Online: Alicization - War Of Underworld premieres 1/18/20 at Midnight. So, next mystery: what's replacing Fire Force (Season 1) on 2/8/20? [c'mon Star Blazers...]
  4. I'm making this thread to discuss the openings in Toonami's schedule that are coming up in early 2020, and what might be replacing them: Lupin III Part 5 (Ended 12/7/19) - This is the lowest of the low-hanging-fruit. It already ended a 3:30 AM premiere run that it got demoted to, and got already replaced in part by a 3 AM Lupin OVA, but speaking long-term I really don't think it's going to be replaced by a premiere. This would be a good timeslot for One Punch Man Season 2 reruns, but there's a problem--it will have 2 episodes left in premieres on 1/4 when this timeslot's occupant is needed. A good candidate would probably be reruns of gen:LOCK, this time uncut, since airing the first and last episodes with a 45-minute runtime would only displace AOT reruns, and that's fine. But if Toonami is completely insane, this might be a good timeslot for something older and really niche, but really really good, like Star Blazers 2199/2202. Of course, Toonami COULD take the low road and just contract back to ending at 4 AM, but I doubt they'll do that. If they do, I guess [as] might as well rerun Primal in the 4 AM timeslot... One Punch Man Season 2 (Ending 1/11/20) - The other piece of low-hanging fruit is much higher, in fact led-into by current flagship show MHA. It would be really insane, but oddly enough not THAT farfetched, since it would keep the Superhero Power Hour alive, for Toonami to dive back into DC animation for the first time in over 5 years with hilariously-edited episodes of Harley Quinn, but I think the most likely candidate show for this timeslot is fellow ONE creation Mob Psycho 100 Season 2. This would also be a great slot for a simuldub of a brand-new Winter show. Fire Force (Ending 2/1/20) - There are several directions Toonami could go with replacing this fiery 12:30 AM show. Perhaps some other shows move up and open a slot for something classic like Star Blazers 2199/2202 further down the lineup? Is this JoJo's opportunity to get out of the graveyard? What about Black Clover? Or Demon Slayer? Will SAO Alicization: War Of Underworld be ready yet? Or, maybe something new and hot (no pun intended) from FUNimation if it wasn't ready when OPMS2 ended? Dr. Stone Season 1 (Ending 2/22/20) - It was just announced on Twitter today that Dr. Stone will be taking a break after Episode 24 premieres this Friday, so there's an open midnight timeslot right here. Maybe this is where SAOAWOU goes, or maybe the 12:30 show that is hot and new pulls a reverse Fire Force and moves up to midnight, but since SAOA moved UP ot Midnight prior to its conclusion, I doubt that's what will happen. Demon Slayer (Ending April/May 2020) - I can't even begin to speculate on what will take this show's place. Promised Neverland Season 2 maybe? Is that even coming this winter? Who knows? SAOAWOU is an obvious pick if it's not airing already and took that long to ready the dub, but otherwise, who knows? I don't even know what's next after that. JoJo maybe? I'd say that depends on the length of the replacements of the aforementioned 5 shows though. But it is clear that after being relatively stable for 3 months, Toonami's regular lineup is once again about to go through a period of great volatility for the next 2 months or so. Hopefully it can keep up its mostly positive ratings momentum!
  5. For only the 2nd time since its inception (the first being a regular after-school block since 2/29/2000 was a Monday), Toonami gets to air on Leap Day next year. Since this is kind of a bizarre day that doesn't always show up on the calendar, I think this is low-hanging fruit for Toonami to run a movie or some kind of special event. The only 2 possibilities that come to mind are MHA: Two Heroes and DBS: Broly. Those are both "low-hanging fruit" that are movies that happen to be associated with popular series, and it's probably been long enough for a theatrical anime movie to show up on ad-supported cable TV, though with non-anime that often takes more like 2 years, so maybe it still hasn't been long enough for either yet. Two Heroes is from July 2018, so it might be available. Your Name is definitely ripe for the picking as well, though probably slightly less likely since it doesn't have a connection to a currently-or-recently aired series.
  6. Last night on Toonami, the final episode of Dragon Ball Super finally got its encore. The timing is suspicious, as 5 years ago, on November 8, 2014, the first episode of DBZ Kai aired on Toonami. Now, 5 years and a day later, we've finally got a non-movie, non-marathon lineup without a Dragon Ball show! Could it be that all 3 shows (DBZ Kai, DBZ KFC, and DBS), were on the same 5-year deal that was made for the 99-episode original Kai only, and was later amended to include the other two? Is this is really all the Dragon Ball we'll ever see on Toonami or [as]?
  7. There are 3 shows ending on Toonami soon after JoJo gets replaced by Lupin (assuming no marathon on July 6th): The Promised Neverland (Ends 6/29; empty slot 7/6?) Hunter X Hunter (Also Ends 6/22; empty slot 6/29) Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ends 7/13 assuming no 7/6 marathon; empty slot 7/20) I believe their replacements will be announced at MomoCon, at least the first two. Also, we'll get something about The Forge and maybe a teaser for the Blade Runner series as well.
  8. We all know Attack on Titan is coming on 5/25 (it has to), and Toonami is known for not playing the regular lineup on holidays, so maybe they could end up doing not a marathon, but something completely different: a night of specials! The dubs of MP100 Reigen and PTE #13 and #14 are now available, so it would go something like this: 11 PM - AOT S3 Part 2 Premiere 11:30 PM - Mob Psycho 100 Reigen OVA 1 AM - Pop Team Epic #13 1:30 AM - Pop Team Epic #14 2 AM-4:30 AM - Hunter x Hunter blowout??? Obviously, this would make the most sense if MP100 S2 is coming 6/1 and they have to get rid of HxH to have room for it.
  9. Ok, so the first part isn't so crazy: Dragon Ball Super as we now know it will air new episodes on Toonami for a total of 3 years. It has a total of 131 episodes, and last year we finished with Episode 44. That leaves 87 episodes, but we may get as high as 90 this year, which only leaves 41 for next year. It will be interesting to see how they compensate for that. One possibility is a December 2019 return of the Month of Movies, which would logically feature the TV premiere of the new Broly movie. But that's not certain either. It could also be that new episodes air internationally in January 2020, starting with a TV cut of the new Broly movie, then advancing to all-new episodes of Dragon Ball Super by April. There is also "Dragon Ball Heroes". It will be interesting to see if that comes to Toonami.
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