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  1. Check your PM before I hopefully get stripped from here.

  2. The Cross Of Changes released in 1994.
  3. I still love "Beyond The Invisible" and used to sing along to it. The La Femme Nikita Soundtrack was the main album, that was always playing in my stereo system after a rough day in high school.
  4. Like I said before, "Age Of Loneliness" was featured on the Sliver Soundtrack. That's Sharon Stone speaking in this song.
  5. Now, THIS is definitely a favorite of mine. I'm surprised nobody has featured this song on a movie or TV soundtrack. Lately, I have been in the middle of writing another story and "I Love You... I'll Kill You" would definitely fit the protagonist's personality. It's an Anti-Valentine's Day Horror Story. The more I revise it, the story is looking more like a combination of Revenge, Psychological, and Body Horror.
  6. Even though it was featured in My So-Called Life, The Real World, Road Rules, and some other shows and commercials, I never really cared for "Return To Innocence."
  7. The other day, I mentioned The Cross Of Changes album. "The Eyes Of Truth" was used for The Long Kiss Goodnight and The Matrix's movie trailers.
  8. Wow! I'm surprised that anyone responded to my thread. Thanks for your feedback! Everybody should know "Sadeness," which has been featured in commercials, comedy skits, soap operas, etc.
  9. If you're interested, let me know. I can share more songs by Enigma. Otherwise, I won't waste anyone's time. So, if you're interested, let me know.
  10. Before I forget again, I just want to say that if you like listening to Enigma's "Modern Crusaders," you should definitely try listening to some of the other songs by the so-called "project." Michael Cretu doesn't consider Enigma to be a band. Since he is mostly the composer for Enigma's songs, he labeled Enigma a "project." Enigma has been featured on various soundtracks over the years. "Beyond The Invisible" is on the La Femme Nikita Soundtrack from the original '90s TV series. Love that song. "Age Of Loneliness," which is also titled "Carly's Song" is featured on the soundtrack for the Erotic Thriller, Sliver. Sharon Stone did some of the vocals on that song, especially since the song is based on her character Carly. You can also hear that same song on Enigma's album, The Cross Of Changes. That particular album has a lot of other hit singles, that were featured on TV shows, movie trailers, etc. Okay, I guess I'm done plugging the shit out of Enigma here. LOL!😂 Anyway, if you like what you heard on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, you should definitely check out some other songs by Enigma.👍
  11. I know, right? I still say they totally dropped the ball, when they didn't try getting the rights to Dio's song "Egypt" for the Stardust Crusaders "Battle In Egypt" Arc. That "Last Train Home" song sounded like depressing 1980's Muzak.
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