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  1. Happy Birthday and many more! Eat, drink, and be scary!🎊:balloon::spookyskull:🎂🥂

  2. Perversion was such a highly underrated album by Gravity Kills. I used to play this song on my show and usually had to censor it on air.
  3. I can't remember if I posted this or not.
  4. Before Beyonce monopolized R&B Music. God, do I miss those days.
  5. Here's 1 more Lords Of Acid song, before I finally go to bed. The remixes for "I Sit On Acid" are much better than the original version of the song. Better beats.
  6. Was this previously posted in here? I can't remember. Regardless, this was years before that Sucker Punch movie used the Stript version of this song. It also has a music video for it.
  7. This shows the censored album cover of Lords Of Acid's Voodoo-U.
  8. This is actually a cover of Public Enemy's song, "Black Steel." This is more of a Rock cover of their song and Martina Topley-Bird actually sings the lyrics instead of rapping.
  9. Loved this song, since '96 and before it was featured on The Crow: City Of Angels Soundtrack the same year. *Eargasm*
  10. Speaking of Lenny Kravitz, this song and the music video were highly underrated and barely got any airplay on MTV, 20 years ago.
  11. I haven't played this album in years. Lenny Kravitz actually wrote Madonna's "Justify My Love." Paying more attention to the lyrics, it DOES sound like a song written by Lenny.
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