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  1. Alright alright I'll come to the discord
  2. It usually gets me about once an ep. I wouldn't put it anywhere near Futurama. I know that show is god tier but still, R&M is closer to like Workaholics for me.
  3. I saw the first season of solar opposites but all I remember is the tiny people trapped in the ant farm... Would watch an 11 minute AS show about just them.
  4. It's not that great, but most shows are unwatchable so it gets bumped up one notch above mediocre
  5. Crisis in Cock Canyon
  6. Being vegan doesn't just refer to the vegan diet. It means not engaging in the consumption of products built on animal exploitation, such as wearing leather.
  7. You helped me get into those E6 bands at that time long ago and for that I thank you.
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