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  1. The month of reckoning is upon us. By which promise will you abide?
  2. ...and who have been doing so every day since the new rules went up, with no penalties or change to Rants at all beyond their posts eventually being removed slower than they can make more, and when I reported such posts katt did nothing about them (just as she has ignored reports for such posts before) and instead posted (ITT that you have since cleaned up & threatened to delete rants in) and said she isn't going to act on my reports and told me to stop reporting them, which ofc led to those people continuing to 'violate the rules' as they'd been doing daily. And now she is saying one of the 1,400 things she banned me for is "weaponizing the abuse report system" by... using it. Yeah you already said that, I have very clearly given up on that and am just going back to dumpster fire mode for as long as it exists. The hyperpersonal flaming will continue for as long as DF continues to exist. I have given up and am joining the hogs and the stilgars who have been right all along - There is no other reason to post here except for psychic combat with the people I hate. If you or katt or anyone else doesn't like it they can stay out of DF or put me on ignore. In what meantime? The vigilantism is over, I'm not reporting or Real moderating anything anymore. The rest of the cocktail, it's not going to stop, this is the only way I am ever going to post from now on. It was dumb of me to think that this failed site with fakemod katt as the only active mod would ever change just bc you put some new rules up. Good luck, so far nobody has been penalized for anything except me for "abusing the report system" and "avatar hijacking" and all my other crimes - tho let's be real none of that was a factor, just an ex post facto excuse. I was banned solely for calling katt what she was being when she made that post announcing that she wasn't going to moderate shit and telling me to fuck off. Now I'm perma banned bc "avatar hijacking" and bc she unilaterally decided months ago that my Real Moderator thing was a bannable offense and banned it out of the blue for six months for doing it in a random thread in DUMPSTER FIRES. Didn't take long at all for her to figure out what severity to penalize that unwritten rule violation with, but anything else that's gone on that actually does violate written rules? Oh no we just don't know, we need more time to figure things out. None of it is addressed with the urgency of my Real modding """"""staff harassment"""""""""""""""""""""" Ok, have fun figuring out penalities for the rules you put up what, two months ago?. I'll enjoy watching it play out, but I suspect there won't be much to see and that nothing will actually happen or change. Not for any of the people I've been reporting bc I thought there was going to be an effort made by someone besides me, the only Real mod, to make that folder and that clique not as cancerous and shitty as it has always been, for the sake of not having to deal with such cancerous shit on here but also so that maybe after enough time of burying the old shit the site could actually attract new members, people would feel comfortable (and not completely fucking embarrassed about the idea of) inviting their irl friends here to post, and stuff like that. But like I said that was dumb and my mistake. Its like Rorschach said - "I am tired of this forum, these cretins - tired of being caught in the tangle of their cunthairs." Also, I still haven't been told what I was banned for.
  3. How big of a factor did "avatar hijacking" factor into this? It was one of the umpteenth things that katt has named. 5%? 15%? We just doing arbitrary cumulative bans now, not based on warning points or anything but just everything a mod can remember a user ever doing off the top of their head?
  4. Still haven't gotten an answer to this yet, just an ever-changing list of general grievances. Can we talk about it?
  5. I wore my Kanye sweater today, but stayed home all day... Don't have the nerve to wear it out in public yet. Not sure the new album has generated quite enough good will to make up for everything else.
  6. Nope

    Official AEW thread

    Was grandslam dynamite literally *all* wrestling? I only remember a couple 30 second promos/pretapes on the show, everything else was just wrestling. Unbelievable. AEW stays killing it lately. Bryan does need to tone it the f down though. 40+ with neck problems and if he gets seriously hurt again it would literally be one of the worst things in the world. What a match though. I'm going to be so mad in the best way when he doesn't when the title. Still can't believe this company exists, that I gaf about wrestling again, this all feels so unlikely. I'm all for Bray Wyatt coming in as I've not seen a lot of his wwe stuff and none of the Fiend stuff. Pretty wild to think him, Braun and Rowan could debut as the Rotunda Family or whatever. Probably wouldn't be good but still, literally wtf is the wwe doing, why would you DO that. Are they actually trying to go out of business? Haven't seen a Karrion Kross or Keith Lee match but just glancing at them, at their entrances in NXT, how did they fuck these guys up? Bearcat?? I hope Hook is on tv for the next 20 years and never wrestles a match. Good character, very funny mystique about him. Can't explain. Same with Alex the translator. Just too good.
  7. What is the basis of the ban? Not sure why we'd have to go back in time for that...? But no the completely baseless 0 point warning isn't worth relitigating. I'm providing additional context for my "harassment" of the mods by showing one "harassing" me by calling me a bitch boy in her warning.
  8. How on earth.... ok well if saying I'm a mod is 'staff harassment' what's it called when a fakemod "warns me" me for this totally benign post With THIS then I'd call that 'harassment' so I think it's fair to respond in kind. I think it's "harassment" when I report the hive of villainy ad hominem-ing me only for a mod to post ITT saying not to report "people disagreeing with you" if I'm not the thread creator or if I have responded to an ad hominem flame rudely myself and not address the situation beyond that, thereby establishing the shit behavior as acceptable and egging on further ad hominem-ing and basically sanctioning whatever happens...even when it most predictably leads to some pig who was told by mods directly to not fuck with me anymore and who i have been completely ignoring for weeks, upping the ante, to the point where they have to issue themself a "self-ban" out of guilt for the fucked up shit they said immediately after the mod gave the green light for the thread to continue down that track. For a mod to, on multiple occasions, ignore reports about such posts that have been up for hours and post ITT, just a few posts after them, posting topically as if they had read those posts and the reports and consider the posts fine, like nothing is wrong. Sending that msg out there with their participation that yes, this stuff just a few posts up from mine is appropriate. That's some fake drama-modding condoning harassment if I ever saw it. But ok sure, I'm a harasser of mods. Me, a Real moderator. With my Real modding and abuse reports. Well, alright then. My offer to fully retire from the force with the the partial pension of my original account has been denied. You're the Assistant Director so I won't argue with your decision . . . Who knows, maybe it was the right one. We will see.
  9. @Raptorpat sorry to bother you but since I'm getting nowhere with this, can you please unban my Nabarney account? I didn't realize that stating the fact that I am a moderator who does in fact have moderation privileges in some areas of this forum, such as the Official Staff Folder, was actually against the rules. Just seemed like harmless fun to me, not something that could permanently cost me my account. I thought some insecure fakemods were feeling threatened by my status as the people's mod and were just making up reasons on the fly to throw their weight around and embarrass and get rid of me. At the time, it felt like a mockery of the forum justice that they (not letting myself type "we") are tasked to uphold. But, if saying I am a moderator is really causing this much stress and consternation amongst your most venerealable moderation team whomdst I have the utmost respect and toleration for, then I will altogether stop saying it, outside of the areas of this board where I do actually have mod powers. I don't care about the Nababby account that katt has recently banned for ?????????? (???????????????????????????????) I am annoyed that 1. it was permabanned given the circumstances of that thread, and 2. that by losing it I will no longer have control over my Official Staff Folder club, but oh the fuck well, it can stay banned. I just want my original name back. I will be good in general, better than ever, and if I ever once claim to be a mod, in any area of the forum in which I don't have moderator privileges, then when Misaka inevitably reports it I will accept the penalty of it being perma'd again forevermore & I won't say anything about it, now that I'm aware it is a real thing that can really happen for some reason. Since apparently it's such a gravely serious forum crime. I didn't think it was before, but I can pretend to now understand why it is and leave all that in the past, no slip-ups or third chances. If this is acceptable than I would appreciate Nabarney being unbanned so that I can resume posting with it, and I will be *very* careful to not cross any of the Real mods so that I won't lose it again, now that I am aware of how things here operate. Thank you for your time, and F the police.
  10. It doesn't say why I was banned at all it's literally just a list of your grievances against me and why you don't like me. You can't ban someone because you don't like them, that's nuts, and permabanning me because you don't like the fact that I say that I'm a moderator is insane. Everyone knows the truth. Now give me my accounts back, this is honestly ridiculous. I haven't broken any rules.
  11. Sorry you're so mad but don't come into my thread about nice fall pictures and forest trash acting crazy, crazy.
  12. Maybe within the neurotoxin of black widow venom lies the cure to deeply embedded transphobia? You know like maybe it dissolves away whatever sick nerve endings in the brain which cause someone act like a hateful piece of shit in that particular way? It's a long shot but if I were you I'd be trying just about anything and everything by this point. Fight poison with poison you know??
  13. God as soon as you said it I could picture it. I knew I knew that shape. Thank you for this. Makes sense since the only way I got there was by following the cleared path around powerlines cut through the woods.
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