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  1. It's late, but I had to drop in and see how the place is doing. I'm going to try to scare up some of the old-timers that are still lurking out on Facebook. It's about bedtime, but I'll pull a pint of Guinness for myself for sleeping purposes. *leaves a platter of chocolate chip cookies on the bar*.
  2. A snog thread is an ancient Babbling tradition from the days of yore, in case there are young ones here. I'm trying to revive myself as a board member, and this seemed like a good way to start. Of course, when I showed up here, I was a wild woman. Now I'm just an old married Momma, but still keeping track of a flock of board members over on Facebook ([as]stock group). The boards have meant a lot to me over the years.... Hey, tsar4, any chance of reviving the old speakeasy?
  3. Yes, the wanderer has returned in time for a classic snog thread. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, send a kiss, a hug or a friendly handshake to a special board member or to one and all. If you need refreshments, Momma brought chocolate chip oatmeal cookies to share. If you're really nice, she may let you have a Guinness, as well. Sending a sweet snog to my old pal, @tsar4.
  4. I dunno. I've kept up with Saddy and Killer_Devdasi and Jez the Nun, but not here. I may try to lure them back. Time goes on, man. Even McCorran has a kid now.
  5. Yes, Tsar4, that's it exactly.
  6. It's good to be known. I think. I don't remember this name for you from the old boards. Can you give me a hint?
  7. Oh, let's just hang out and be friends. *mommahugs*
  8. There are 7 of us left there, mostly. You should come on back. We miss you.
  9. I had no idea there was an IB group on Facebook. I tended to hang with the Babblers, myself, but I can find some of the old crew. *mommahugs*
  10. Not sure if this is the spot for that. This is more of a cookies and conviviality thread. But here's a *mommahug* for you, anyways.
  11. We followed each other a while via email, but I know he's let those go fallow. We last talked a few months after my wedding, and that was 6 years ago today. There's a fair selection of people out on Facebook that have tracked me down. I'll try to drag them back here.
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