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Throwing food at public figures *and* or politicians?

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If you could ride in the passenger seat and toss a cheeseburger at the back of Cenk Uygur’s head while he’s on the sidewalk...62FFF896-066E-417C-A20A-27681983B978.gif.32a77eab4b373508d24aa3a7f827f18a.gif

He would talk about it on TYT like this. 


Or if you could approach Matt Gaetz and throw a Wendy’s frosty directly at his face and successfully run off.

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9 minutes ago, Doom Metal Alchemist said:

Food? What is this, vaudeville? Remember that dude that tried to throw a shoe at GWB?

While that was indeed funny, I actually think it’s funnier to throw food (or other undesirable messy and squishy things) at people’s faces and heads as opposed to more blunt objects.

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