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Let a dame know you’re hers

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If I was Popeye, I’d want you to be like Bluto and punch me so hard in the face that I go flying across the apartment wall.

I’d want you to do big belly laughs and say funny quips while you’re ragdollin’ me. (Why, I just might give you a fat lip!)

You can bury my face in your bosom and I’ll do those weird fuckin Popeye noises like when he’s rowing a boat or building a cabinet or something.

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15 minutes ago, scoobdog said:

Motoring.   It's motoring a boat.

Completely straight and platonic, but I’d love if you could just take your shirt off and scream passionately like a chimpanzee as you’re beating me to a fatal pulp with your bare fists.

Either at your home or while explaining to your clients why it costs the equivalent of a Lamborghini to install a panelized roof system.

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