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So do you think we’re getting something DC related March 5?


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March 4 sees The Batman hit theaters after all those delays.  And as we’ve seen, whenever there’s a film release or HBO Max release, Toonami likes to show something DC related.  With no shortage of DC stuff to still air, anyone think they will show something from the archives?

It probably won’t be Peacemaker although given the show’s streaming popularity, it would probably result in a big ratings bump if it did air.


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Peacemaker wouldn't do well on Toonami because Toonami doesn't have an audience that would be receptive to it.

The audience that watches Toonami is largely a nostalgia audience, they go because they like the brand/packaging and not necessarily the content. It's habit at this point, which is why the ratings don't typically vary.






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35 minutes ago, DangerMouse said:

Yeah, I could definitely see them doing another DC movie that weekend.

at the same time though....we haven't heard anything about a dc movie night on 3/5 and that will be next week's toonami

plus since the same day as theaters deal on hbomax is no longer a thing....I'm not too sure if using toonami to promote them would make much sense

it's easy enough to get the adultswim audience to watch a movie on hbomax(something they might already have access to)than it is to get them to pay for a ticket and sit down for several hours

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