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Wow you guys....


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On 6/29/2021 at 7:26 AM, André Toulon said:

Meth is good for getting rid of that nasty teeth weight


On 6/29/2021 at 7:31 AM, Sawdamizer said:

Good point… his teeth look like they took the biggest hit over all of this liver nonsense… they gotta go

Drove Zeni back to wearing a mask in his vids.

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12 hours ago, BlackNoir said:


Of course literally there was no metaphor, it was directly inquisitive to the opinions I had coming forthright,  but indeed metaphorically I was quite obviously joking.   No reaction from me, but I was aware your response was coming in several ways.  

1. You knew I was joking and the only possible answer was to break out with, "no."


2.  You're dead serious. 


3.  I've been an iber for 12 years and expect the exaggerated,  boastful sarcasm; idiosyncratic stereotyping we have formed alter egotism to and learned to; (1) embrace.  (2) hate.


There is no 4


5.  "Who the hell would back me up on it," was too apparent to expect any form of kindness or respect.


6.  I probably never cared.

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Also would love to explain the "thanks," rep...


I wanted a reply really badly.  I wanted a response I could contemplate.   I appreciate it.  Good show, old man.


(edit).  sorry I just remembered the community h8s dub posts 😭

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