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Ok so question...

Still Me

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1 minute ago, Still Me said:

Is stating a fact about a someone...talking shit...?

quote: this is how I do things, but tomorrow it’s someone else and that’s a different story...

shit talk? Or fact?


Depends on the person on the receiving end honestly. There will always be someone with their head stuck up their ass that will get worked up over it.

Bet my post here will spawn a few examples from some of our fellow board members.

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It depends on the situation. 

I know I say the same general thing when I end up having to train someone in on something.

I'll also say whether or not the way I'm training them in is something I think is stupid but I'll also explain why it's being done that particular way. So they can also feel free to think it's stupid but at least they know the reason for it being done x. 

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