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Netflix gets Trigger to make Cyberpunk 2077 prequel


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CD Projekt Red is likely the one to call the shots on this. Trigger and Netflix have been symbiotic lately, but with Trigger making a lot of third party material (opening themes for CN shows and Indivisible, etc), it probably didn’t hurt CDPR to propose a series for streaming from the two parties most likely to get it off the ground. 

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8 hours ago, elfie said:

This may be the first TRIGGER anime I will have absolutely no intention of watching.

Does that mean you’ve done the impossible and made it through Kiznaiver and the parts of When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace that aren’t Saori Hayami’s rant?

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Yeah, as far as Trigger shows go, KLK and the original LWA short are the only ones I've seen. I planned on watching Inou Battle in 2014/2015 but never got around to it, stuck both it and Ninja Slayer in a tournament to see what I'd watch out of sixty-four shows in 2016 - both lost in the first round - and everything else has been more or less, "eh, not interested right now".

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