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Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan


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Chapter 88 is out and a quite a few important things are learned in this chapter.



Owl's name is Eren Kreuger. Obviously the inspiration for Girsha's son. Eren (and anyone who possesses the power of the 9 Titans) has 13 years left to live. Jean should be really happy about that.  ::) And finally, Eren's Titan form has an actual name now. The Advancing Titan, or as one translation put it, The Attack Titan.


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Well, assuming that there aren't any marathons in the next few months (that that it doesn't get taken off for Daylight Savings), Battle Tendency should end on April 22, so if they were going to premiere AoT after another show has ended, it would probably be April 29.  Of course, given how big a name AoT is, who's to say we don't get expansion for that?


Or maybe it won't premiere in April, and will show up later in the year.

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