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Dragon Ball Z Kai: The FInal Chapters Episode 103 Discussion


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Episode 103: "Entering the World Martial Arts Tournament! Goten Shows Off His Explosive Power During Training!"


dbk33_01-lg.png?x61785      dbk33_02-lg.png?x61785


Recap: After saving a baby dinosaur, Gohan lets it slip to Videl that he is the Great Saiyaman.  In order to keep her silence, she makes him enter the World Martial Arts Tournament that will be held soon.  Upon hearing this both Vegeta and Goku (who apparently gets to come back to Earth using a day pass) also decide to enter the tournament.



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ya know in a world where Dinosaurs still roam the planet and owls wear hats? why would the humans freak out upon seeing Saiyans flying around


You'd think after gigantic monsters and animals that talk


Flying People would be the least weird thing


well, cnsidering there are probably a million hatted birds and a few hundred thousand dinosaurs versus maybe nine people who can fly. i'd say people would still be pretty surprised.

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