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someone at work told me in regards to Trump "this is an outlashing by whites"


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Outlashing at the media.  At whatever brainchild in the establishment spawned "intersectional feminism" to divide women of different races.  "Internalized sexism" to explain away women who claimed not to be oppressed.  Every single major media outlet not named Fox News pushing these and other divisions {LOOKING AT YOU NPR}.  Oh, and my personal favorites.  Gloria Steinem implying I was just chasing guys by voting Bernie, and a couple feminists basically ordering me to fall in line behind Hillary because woman.  Thanks for the suffrage, but it's MY vote.

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I think - to me the clearest message from this is the populist thing.


I think the country went populist and Trump was the only real choice there.


Clinton is an established and experienced politician, this was just not the election cycle for that.  I don't think anyone was quite prepared for just how much this was not the cycle for that.


Sanders was the populist on the Dem side, but there are too many pragmatists amongst the Dems to have put him over.


However, the populism streak on the Republican side runs much deeper, and put Trump over even with a variety of other choices, including Evangelicals, experienced politicians, and Republican standard bearers.  Repubs went overwhelmingly for the wildcard populist.


Dems also did that, just not in large enough numbers.


But nationally, the country swung populist. 


Had there been some sort of "populist party" in the mix or 3rd party candidate that reflected those views in a focused and credible way, it may have shaved some votes off Trump.  But all the alternative choices were either established 3rd parties or republicans/conservatives running as an alternative to Trump.


People didn't want an alternative to Trump.  They wanted Trump.  They wanted an outsider.  They wanted somebody who wasn't going to hit the White House understanding how things worked.  They wanted somebody who was going to hit the White House not giving a shit about how things worked.


Not sure that Trump will end up governing that way.  I mean, it looks like he'll build his cabinets just like everybody else has in the past, and seems to be positioning himself back with his party.  He also has a history of almost constantly either not being entirely truthful, of flip flopping on issues.  So we'll see.


But I think part of why Trump was elected was he threw molotov cocktails everywhere.  At the establishment, at his own party, at his opponent, everywhere.

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