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Enough! I'm done playing Robin Hood peace keeper guy.

Moved to a different neighbourhood, I live out in the woods

now and I cross a really tall bridge on my way into town every day.

Guess how often the cops get called on the people I hang with now

as opposed to before? Zero, never. This is a much better stomping grounds.


I have the time and space I need to sort out my thoughts and work on my art.

Got a new guitar, pulled my banjo out of storage, and I've got a buddy I'll probably

start a band with after a while.


It was starting to get ridiculous out there. I'm super happy for me.

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yeah there's a huge one that's 4 feet tall lives around here

There's a smaller one that lives in the woods where I camp out. I think her nest is a lot farther away from my spot but I hear her hooting now and again. One night I was on my way up the trail and she was right there on a branch in front of me. We just stood there staring at eachother until I tried to get closer for a better look, which I did get for just a second before she swivelled her head all crazy like and took off. Owls are super cool.  >_>
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Cool? Post musics if you want. Try to make the music folder here actually move as well.. That'd be great.


I always have one of my musical productions from soundcloud in my sigs. Got more stuff in the works.


Slowly making headway..  :|

Gotta put yourself out there where ever you can. Open Mic nights are always fun. ;)

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