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I accidentally pissed off Rudy Giuliani yesterday


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Full story:



I'm an intern at the Joe Piscopo show, so one of my duties is to screen any calls that come in (most are regular people trying to say stuff on the air, but there's about three guests per show that call in for interviews). Right when the show ends, I get what I thought was a random call and I pick it up with the intention of telling said person "Show's over, call back tomorrow." This was not the case.


Rough transcript as follows...



Me: "AM 970, who is this?"


Caller: "Rudy Giuliani."


Me: "..."


Caller: "Hello?"


Me: "Wait...who is this again?"


Caller: "Rudy Giuliani."


Me: "...Is this a prank call?"


Rudy Giuliani: "No, this is not a prank call! I was given this number to call."


Me: "Was it for AM970 The Answer?"


*At this point, Giuliani's wife steps in.*


Mrs. Giuliani: "No, yes it was!!! This is for an interview with John Catsimatidis?!"


Me: "Alright, wait one second here..."


*Note that I had zero knowledge of who John Catsimatidis is nor that he has a show on the station, so I stalled for time while typing his name into Google.*


Me: "Catsimatidis...Catsimatidis..."


Rudy Giuliani: "Hello?! What's going on!?!?"


*This is where I semi-gave up and put him on hold*


Me: "Okay, I'll put you on hold so I can patch you through."


Rudy Giuliani: "Uh-" *HOLD*



Then I had to get Joe's producer out of the studio to he could patch Giuliani over to Catsimatidis. It seems that the segment was to be recorded in two remote locations and our studio was supposed to capture the whole thing.




Short version: Trump's gonna call one day and I'm inadvertently gonna get my ass deported.

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