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  1. https://twitter.com/vmudream/status/1034247673883385856 https://twitter.com/vmudream/status/1034247673883385856 https://twitter.com/vmudream/status/1034247673883385856
  2. I have respect for your gender unlike you
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    i didnt flip this time.
  4. this picture proves nothing beyond doubt that you're getting laid.
  5. but you enjoy stone sour? it's been one of the complaints slipknot fans have had over the last few years was that corey has influenced Slipknot to lighter tones of stone sour.
  6. the new KSE ablum also dropped the other day, and its very reminiscent of their old sound which is good - and obvious since jesse leach is back with them and howard is off in Light the Torch
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  8. The smell The fact that they trample in their own shit and piss, or get their own shit and piss all up in their hair/fur, and then proceed to get it all over your furniture/where you eat They're loud/the barking They're unpredictable and could easily hurt me, and I have no meaningful way to get them to stop hurting me without inflicting violence on them (which is something that I really would not want to do) You cannot communicate meaningfully with them, beyond very simple ways Despite how "well trained" a lot of them are, they're unruly and don't listen to their owners Shedding When you want your space, or need some alone time they don't leave you the fuck alone. They also have to be constantly touching you. I hate how I can't sit on a couch without a stupid dog pouncing on my lap or pushing me out of the way. If a human is touching you or too close to you in a context where there's lots of room for them to be there without invading your personal space, you can tell them to stop and they will mostly listen. If they don't listen, it then becomes a crime. Whereas with dogs, no such thing exists. They slobber everywhere They use their dirty fucking tongues to try to lick your face immediately after they've licked their own asshole They're needier than children. Not babies or toddlers, however human babies and toddlers are only like this for 2-4 years. Dogs are like this for their whole life. Okay, now that basically covers just the dogs themselves. I would say I dislike dogs, on their own. The thing that I truly hate are the fur parents and dog culture: Equating dogs (or really, any kind of animal) as just as important as humans. People who prioritize animal rights over human rights "I like dogs more than peeeeople heheheh" The fact that I'll be branded a sociopath because I don't share their interest in animals/dogs. I would never hurt an animal/dog unless it was attacking me to the point where I was scared for my safety/life. However, by default to these people, I'm the sociopath for simply not liking dogs for all of the perfectly reasonable reasons I mentioned above. These people laugh or feel nothing when a human gets hurt, but have an emotional breakdown when a dog gets hurt. Some of them actually enjoy seeing humans get hurt as long as a dog doesn't. Recall this: these people also think I'm the sociopath here...yeah, okay there. Treating dogs/animals like their own children Thinking that them being a pet owner is just as important to society as being a good parent to a human child is Thinking that their dog belongs anywhere humans are allowed to go When they say dogs are cleaner than humans (so sick of this pure bullshit) Being expected to be excited to hear about people's dogs The hypocrisy of the childfree, pet loving crowd (and by pet loving, it's almost always dogs). These people embody the behavior of annoying parents that they claim to hate, except it's even more annoying because it's about dogs and not human children (who are actual members of society) Fake service dogs, such as "emotional support dogs" that are basically untrained mongrel family pets that people try to bring everywhere where dogs shouldn't be allowed for sanitary reasons. For example, some woman tried to show up for a kitchen job in a restaurant with her "emotional support dog" working by her side. She tried to sue her employer for firing her because she refused to leave the dog at home People ascribing human emotions and thought processes to dogs. Dogs do not have the same cognition levels that humans do. I'm tired of seeing people pretend that they do. "I'd let a hundred people die a horrible death if it meant I could save one dog's life" The insane levels of narcissism that most dog lovers possess. They think all of society should accommodate their pet, however that pet gives nothing in return to society (barring actual service animals, like seeing eye dogs, for example). The pet only exists for them, yet we're all supposed to accommodate this dog?! The fact that dog lovers prefer a slave/master relationship, and only want something that loves them unconditionally despite how shitty of a person they are. I'm sorry, but I find it incredibly uncomfortable that something could worship you when you don't deserve it.
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