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  1. Friends are overrated, but tacos? Tacos are forever, as are nachos. Mmm, nachos.
  2. Could I have my name changed to Ho Chi Sock?
  3. Hmm, that would have been great. Gotten more eyes on the program. I like the way you think. Good head on your shoulders.
  4. Over there in the corner. My plan is coming to fruition. Soon, the world will witness the wonder that is the Gorilla Wrestling Federation's first ever Baboon-Mayo-Mayhem-Barbed-Wire-Steel-Cage-Apocalypse-Brouhaha! Yep.
  5. Hmm, it's an older code, but it checks out. *opens the door slowly, motioning you inside while keeping an eye on you*
  6. *cracks door open* What's the password?
  7. I heard he was slayin' it in the self-love department. Still is, from what I hear.
  8. Yes, and sometimes I feel like nachos would solve the world's problems.
  9. You said hard uh huh huh huh
  10. The one where he did that thing. You know, that thing, with the other thing. Then something cool happened. Then everyone got kind kind of high and kinda drunk.
  11. Sometimes I feel like I want tacos.
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