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  1. Depressing shit

    These come in gelatin caps, so I just drink them with an Arizona herbal tonic blend.
  2. Depressing shit

    I think it tastes like tea.
  3. Depressing shit

    I'ma go get some more gas station kratom and vibe out as well.
  4. I was broke af lol

    Dumb bitch order food from a coffee and doughnut shop "Ew it taste bad." Lul. Stupid bitch.
  5. Son of a bitch I missed it.

    I agree. Lucky Number Slevin is one of my favorite movies of all time as well.
  6. post how you see yourself

    I ain't playin' cuh.
  7. post how you see yourself

  8. Thinking about going to sleep?

    Give me all your pain medicine fuckboi.
  9. Thinking about going to sleep?

    Your face is faulty. Nutmunch.
  10. I was broke af lol

    This also happens to me. You just give me money. Like $200. Even tho I doth protest.
  11. Thinking about going to sleep?

    Don't forget unemployed.
  12. My dad used to be in a hospital. Now he's in a box.
  13. Hey Nabs, It's Happening

    When you turn into a fungus zombie I won't hesitate to shoot you. I will still feel bad tho.
  14. Thinking about going to sleep?

    And that means it's time for bed.
  15. Not anymore you're not. _______________________ Doctors treating a Taiwanese woman with an eye infection was surprised when they found four bees embedded in her eye, feeding from her tear ducts, according to a report by Taiwanese news channel CTS. In a news broadcast uploaded to YouTube on April 3, a CTS reporter said that the 29-year-old Taiwanese woman named He went to Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan after experiencing severe pain in her eye. There, doctors found the bees feeding on her tear ducts under her swollen eyelids, CTS said. The hospital's head of ophthalmology, Dr Hung Chi-ting said at a press conference that such bees nest near graves and in fallen trees, so chances of coming across them while hiking in the mountains are high, Apple Daily Taiwan reported. "I was visiting and tidying a relative's grave with my family. I was squatting down and pulling out weeds," He said at a news conference. Assuming that sand or dirt had gotten into her eye, she said that she cleaned her eye with water at the time. However, she started experiencing a stinging pain and here eye would tear up constantly. During the press conference, Dr Hung said: "I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies." The insects were later identified as sweat bees, according to Asia One. Dr Huang explained to reporters that even though sweat bees do not attack people, they are attracted to the perspiration of humans. Thankfully, He did not rub her eyes excessively β€” which could have worsened the state of her inflamed cornea β€” or in a severe case, could have led to blindness, Apple Daily Taiwan reported. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, sweat bees β€” also known as Halictidae β€” are small but not aggressive. However, sweat bees are attracted to perspiration and have a tendency to land on humans to obtain moisture and salts from their sweat, the department said. https://www.thisisinsider.com/a-womans-eye-infection-turned-out-to-be-bees-living-in-her-eye-2019-4