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  1. Komi Can't Communicate 4 Aquatope on the White Sand 19
  2. YEEEESSS!!!! Cute little kids have some kind of quirk of impenetrability so no one can hate them.
  3. So not only is Toonami airing a MOVIE, but a ... LIVE-ACTION movie!??! 😮 Okay. Also NO WAY I'm gonna stay up until 4:30 AM to just watch new episodes!!!
  4. I saw a anituber rant for 25 minutes about Netflix's release schedule of Jojo. Apparently he thinks this shows Netflix's "experiment" with the weekly episode release for anime is "over" and this is proof, because he CLEARLY been to ever single Netflix internal meeting that he has access to. Also he mentioned something called "Jojo Fridays", which I have never heard of before. I guess all the previous Jojo anime seasons have premiered in Japan on Fridays. Huh.
  5. Well that pretty much begs for a thread all its own because I 100% disagree with you.
  6. You know me. I thought the fall festival was the most uplifting arc, and was needed after a serious, heavy action arc. Hell, the two antagonists were clearly supposed to be at least a bit funny, but even they were gripping too.
  7. Ranking of Kings 4 Danbaru Douki-chan 8
  8. I can't believe his name is actually Slime Boy. I know it's a nickname, but it sounds more like something haters call him when heckling the show.
  9. Those who don't follow the manga seemed to like this season fine and stands around the middle in terms of their MHA seasons ranking, while those who do follow the manga said it was the anime's worst season yet, with horrible pacing, subpar animation, and an abridged villains arc that ruined the whole show for them. It really depends on your stance. Me, I thought it was not at all the best season, but it was fine.
  10. The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! 14
  11. Hmmmm. I dunno. Netflix's documentary they did on anime didn't leave a very good impression for me on how/why they consider anime to be so popular. It showed they appear to misunderstand it.
  12. Well. Despite missing last night I have followed the released Japanese versions of the episodes when they first came out. Pretty much the only thing I wanna check out is Sonny Strait's take on Redestro when he's defeated and becomes a goofy kiss-up to Shiguraki.
  13. .... why. As far as i know we're nowhere near the end of the season.
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