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Found 3 results

  1. Your MHA Double Feature tonight is the last half of the Shigaraki back story, plus the thrilling conclusion of season 5! Don't miss the full hour of MHA, tonight starting at Midnight on Toonami!!
  2. EPISODES 9 & 10 DISCUSSION Last time on Sword Art Online: Alicization, a full two years passed in the Underworld while Asuna was searching for Kirito and learned of Kikuoka's plan to create AI soldiers from the world - Project Alicization. Kirito and Eugeo joined the Swordcraft Academy to become better swordsmen and work their way up to learn more about Alice's possible whereabouts. Vollo, the top swordsman at the school, was willing to bend the rules to have a duel with Kirito, something that would probably please Kikuoka. Kirito learned under Tiese and was able to show off her abilities not with a duel against her, but one against Vollo. Tiese also learned from Kirito and was able to defeat Vollo in her duel. Kirito and Eugeo finished near the top of their class, and now have pages of their own. Find out where things go from here on on Sword Art Online: Alicization, tonight, on Toonami!
  3. EPISODES 7 & 8 DISCUSSION Last time on Sword Art Online: Alicization, Kikouka revealed his plan for Underworld, that of creating an "true" AI that would be able to learn on its own and be willing to kill. He wants to use them create soldiers for the military. Kikuoka feels they are more or less expendable, angering Asuna and Rinko, who believe the AI should have rights if they are sentient. The first AI who went against the Taboo Index in the world JUST HAPPENED to also be named Alice. Kirito is in the world using the Soul Translator, recovering from his brain injury that occurred when he was attacked, if Kikuoka is to be believed. Rink also revealed part of her past with Kayaba as his girlfriend and co-developer. She had the chance to kill Kayaba and end SAO, but didn't because she was in love with him. Where will things continue from here? Find out tonight, on Toonami, on Sword Art Online: Alicization!
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