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Found 4 results

  1. Episode #50 (Season 3, Episode 12): End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Looks like this one will be a cool-down episode, but it should be entertaining, right? Tomorrow night (5/18) at 11:30 one last time before going to its new timeslot of 10:30 next week! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  2. Remember when I said that topicals stopping for MHA and Boruto MIGHT be indicative of a demotion for them? Sometimes I hate being right... To sum it up: SAO: Alicization promoted 1 hour to 11:30 Promised Neverland debuts at midnight Black Clover promoted 1.5 hours to 12:30 MHA demoted 1 hour to 1 AM Boruto rejoins Shippuden, demoted TWO hours to 1:30 AM Shippuden promoted an hour to 2 AM JoJo frickin' buried 1.5 hours deeper at 3 AM Granted, don't forget what day it is, but this schedule does follow an interesting pattern: Dragon Ball Super; then Aniplex premieres; then other FUNimation premieres; then Viz premieres; then the rerun (AOT). If it's legit, that may explain why, and tell something about Toonami's relationships with its partners.
  3. EPISODE 14: THAT'S THE IDEA, OCHACO!!! One last time at 11 PM, before it inherits an earlier timeslot than any Toonami show has held since the days of Ben 10: Alien Force! No flaming, trolling, hating, spamming, etc. or else All Might shall go PLUS ULTRA on you!! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  4. I'm still wondering if I should lash out at this community for being even more autistic than I think of myself, but in the end, I guess I'll just keep tolerating it for as long as I can. After all, we might be good people. [you look everywhere except beside you]
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