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  1. Quiet. We much prefer concerts where the musicians are also present.
  2. What was initially little more than an attempt to undo his predecessor's legacy, having no real agenda of his own, Trump's decision to abandon the JCPOA can now be seen as the beginning of a series of provocations targeting Iran: increasing sanctions and ending waivers, declaring a branch of its armed forces to be a terrorist organization, deploying a carrier strike group to the gulf region, and now the evacuation of all non-essential staff at an embassy in Iraq- the last two actions citing an unspecified, but allegedly credible, threat. A threat that allies in the region have yet to recognize. The aggressive nature of these moves are unsurprising, given the addition of John Bolton to the administration, but unsettling nevertheless. Iran, for its part, is doing little to deescalate tensions, threatening to resume the enrichment of uranium. A fact that will inevitably be repeated in an all too familiar refrain regarding weapons of mass destruction. One would hope the public would require tangible evidence before giving its blessing to an ill-thought-out military excursion this go round. One would hope. But perhaps the more salient fear is whether such considerations are of any concern to the deciders we presently have. For a less bleak take, on the other hand, one can look to the similar situation in Venezuela and note that despite having widespread international support, a regime in prime position for changing, and statements on record by the President supporting the idea of invading and pillaging- despite all that- no boots are on the ground. Yet. It is by no means a sure sign that restraint will win the day, but it's something. War looms ever just beyond the horizon, and seems to be edging closer with each passing moment. We worry not only that it is on it's way, but also about what shape it will take once it arrives. Proxies and cyber ensure that combat won't be constrained to the conventional fields of battle, and so neither will the damages. It is impossible to say how this plays out, if it does so at all, and in the meantime all We have is speculation and feelings of helplessness. The future's uncertain and the end is always near.
  3. You wanna maybe post something that actually supports your argument, instead of undermining it? Seems like that would be more useful. But hey, it's your call. On another note, UBI tends to be argued for as a means to counteract globalization, not perpetuate it, and has been proposed in one form or another by the likes of Milton Friedman and Richard Nixon. Neither of which were known for their socialism. Supporting your arguments; look into it.
  4. We are talking about how things relate, and where specific language comes from- which is the larger conversation surrounding actual policies, and that is what We mean by "not wholly divorced". We are not suggesting that Trump is accurate. He is clearly not. But if we are considering accuracy, The Mother Jones article in the OP presents it as though Trump is randomly making things up, when that is not the case either. To illustrate Our point another way, Snopes has rated his claim regarding executing babies as "Mostly False", and We concur. Not "False", but "Mostly False". You may not think that distinction is relevant, but We do.
  5. You do realize your own article cites an additional example of a person making statements tantamount to what Trump is claiming their stated position to be? The fact that such statements were later walked back does not mean his misrepresentation has no basis in reality, merely that it is a faulty one.
  6. So that line We mentioned earlier that nobody said, which Trump's line is clearly just a ramped up parallel of... Turns out, somebody did say it. We'll leave it to you to work out who.
  7. We're having trouble finding the part that explains why he's not gratuitously milquetoast. Any pointers?
  8. Where does he come up with this stuff? Certainly no government official has suggested recently that there are instances where an infant would be delivered, kept comfortable, resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue. Certainly not Virginia governor Ralph Northam... Trump's refrain is of course hyperbolic, as the man is incapable of articulating nuance (and unfortunately has no incentive to, either), but it is not wholly divorced from actual policies being proposed.
  9. There aren't enough votes in the Senate to remove him, and Pelosi won't take the first step unless that changes. Until then, it's just empty talk to supposedly invigorate the base, but it's likely going to do more to rile the opposition.
  10. There are a lot of things wrong with this. But the swapping of the traditional orientation of the alignment chart to match the Left-Right compass diagram is far and away the worst.
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/04/17/columbine-shooting-denver-schools-fbi-searches-woman-sol-pais/3494398002/ It's terrible that the community has to deal with this on top of the feelings that naturally surround a major anniversary. It's kind of an odd thing for someone to be attached to, particularly not having been alive for it, though that detachment would allow for it to be more glorified. At least she didn't hurt anyone else. The story serves as an illustration of how the damage caused by tragedies are seldom contained to the inciting act. Side note: 20 years ago. We're fucking old.
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