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  1. guess the user aboves favorite anime AND food

    Bleach and... Honestly, have no clue about favorite anime
  2. Cycle. Circle, if you prefer. Lions tend to. A child is born. A rock makes it way around the sun. Rinse, repeat. It's an odd feeling, riding the wind into the hurricane only to see clearly, as it fizzles, that it was a later flap of the wings which will bring the pain. Maybe. Plans change. People get older. Paths diverge, but the difference is all in your head. All directions head towards The End. Hypothetically, there is now one additional light waiting, baiting breath, to be put out. The wish remains the same though. It's still in your head.
  3. I fapped to the 1st Alien movie

    Resurrection is best for that. Clearly.
  4. https://abc7news.com/traffic/2-killed-in-wrong-way-crash-on-highway-1-in-pacifica-chp-says/5129299/ https://www.dallasnews.com/news/traffic-accidents/2019/03/04/16-year-old-dies-3-teens-hospitalized-southern-dallas-crash https://www.whio.com/news/local/serious-crash-reported-675-fairborn/vzrvBhfR6XLgHQZd89nUpL/ https://amp.kansascity.com/news/local/article227120774.html https://www.greensboro.com/news/crime/she-had-children-with-her-when-she-got-into-a/article_f4029412-b9a0-58d0-8b7e-e4c746d7793a.html What's your point? No body is denying that such attacks do take place. @SorceressPol Paranoia of the exotic is somewhat expected, even irrational as it may be, because one does not know how to deal with it; that's in part what makes it exotic. But have you tiger-proofed your home, or is it just a fear that lingers in the back of your mind? Would you prioritize taking steps to do so over protection against more commonplace threats like bees or wasps?
  5. As cities grow, expanding further into new territory, and animals adapt, becoming more accustomed to existing structures, contact between human and non-humans will naturally increase, as will all of the incidents which that contact entails. These occurrences are rare though, on the whole, and you are far more likely to die from an injury sustained inside your home, or in a motor vehicle accident. And yet with all the danger we pose to ourselves, society somehow still persists. It is not such a terrible thing that we should reckon more often, however slightly, with the nature of nature.
  6. what's your type?

  7. Those kids almost died, lmao.
  8. Racism abound at West Virginia GOP Day

    In general, sure, we shouldn't call every color blue, but if we occasionally refer to cyan or indigo as blue it doesn't collapse the meaning. If someone is disparaging the tenets of Islam, as an ideology, it would be wholly inappropriate to refer to such a position as racist. But if someone is denying the autonomy of an individual by ascribing to them attributes based on perceptions of a group the first believes the other to belong to by dint of their appearance, and racism is cried, then it isn't worth raising a stink over technicalities. It's wrong for the same reasons racism is wrong. If you call a spider a bug, everyone knows what you mean even if you aren't being precisely accurate.
  9. Racism abound at West Virginia GOP Day

    That Muslim is not a race does not mean bigotry against Muslims, whatever term you refer to it as, should be accepted. Some principles are more important than semantics.
  10. Acting rant *warning lots of cock*

    Yeah. He should have been more honest. It sucks when people say shit that isn't true. Like, for example, suggesting lots of cocks will be involved when there is nary a one in sight.
  11. We are not contesting that there is contact between members of the Trump team and Russians. But that does not amount to an illegal conspiracy. There is contact between many political operatives and foreign nationals all the time. How did that meeting turn out? How did relations with NK turn out? Kilimnik was a translator for the Russian military circa 1994. In the 25 years since then nothing to say of any further connections. Slightly clearer. Personally, We don't find predictions worthwhile. It will turn out however it does. There will certainly be Russians charged with crimes, since they already have been. There will certainly be charges of non-financial crimes like obstruction of justice and witness tampering, since there already have been. With respect to the grand conspiracy though, We are obviously skeptical. But it is well within the real of possibility. If no further facts pointing to that emerge but that's still how it shakes out, We may be surprised, but not incredulous. It's worth remembering that the investigation was opened not to discredit the Trump administration, but to address foreign interference in our democratic process. Whether such interference was conducted with the aid of US citizens is irrelevant to the investigation's already established status as valid and necessary (i.e. decidedly not a "nothingburger")
  12. If you want to indulge in wild speculation to get your jollies off, that's on you. We have no interest in participating in that. Our main point is that the facts are what they are. At this juncture, they do not on the whole support the greater Russian conspiracy narrative. Nothing you have said refutes this in the slightest. Pointing out that Russia is a hostile nation and takes hostile actions does not implicate Trump in any way. Trump also increased sanctions, armed Ukraine, rallied for greater NATO spending, opposes a pro-Russian administration in Venezuela. His policies against Russia far out weigh ones favorable ones. Kilimnik was merely a go-between for the intended recipients, and his ties to Russian intelligence are not clear.
  13. You'll have to forgive Us for taking something you said as genuine. That was Our mistake.
  14. So when you said people have been sent to prison for treason, that was wrong, yes? Or are you just going to keep pretending like your false statements aren't false? The thing that started this argument was you making the unsubstantiated claim that it will be revealed that Trump et al. is working for the Russians. If they were going to indict for illicit activities that people had lied about, they would have made such indictments already because if they can prove an actor was lying about not doing the thing, they can prove that they did in fact do the thing, so logically the things they lied about not doing are not illicit. The polling data you are likely referring to was sent to Ukrainians, and the data was public anyway. Manafort's work with the Ukrainians in general was to make them more open to the EU, and less favorable to Russia. There has been nothing shown that any actions taken between US citizens and Russians would result in a national security threat to the US. The only harm that has been done is unpaid taxes, for personal enrichment, not the benefit of Russia. Where exactly did you prove Us wrong, dipshit?