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  1. I remember demo discs. That was a great way to market, like shareware for pc and Mac.
  2. I had game pro and egm from sometime in 93 til my sophomore year in high school. I still don’t know why I through them all away.
  3. AT&T has subtly had it's hand in things since the advent of direct communications. I just wanted to enrich that particular aspect of your discussion. They are like radioactive roaches, not capable of being purged or eliminated, but on a much higher tier than even the best of media conglomerates.
  4. Those railroad workers from the 1860s. Those were the days.
  5. What I would like to say to you privately I'm probably telling you something you already know. But for the sake of discussion yes, I have multiple disorders including ADHD that make it hard to stay focused on a given task. I actually like the way people have been reacting to me, it challenges me to do better. My goal is to take labeling off the media I see and replace it with empathy. Pretty cut and dry.
  6. Hehe, I'll wait again 'fore this thread gets a few more replies but I can tell you're an OG lol
  7. team fortress woad? The rest I've never done on this planet.
  8. Did anyone here ever keep their gamer mags from when they were younger? Nintendo Power, EGM, Gamepro, PCGamer, and so on? I confess I had a stack of them locked away in my old bedroom in a box. But I unwisely brought them to my apartment one time intending to make a collage of the 90s era gamer artwork and somehow I got distracted. They ended up in a dumpster. Now I can buy individual mags from a huge collection at a local game store. I picked up an EGM from August 2008 and another from 2006. Does anyone here want to pour over a collection they have? They have become completely consolidated into about two companies, can't even find the original 90s era magazines in 2022. So buy with care.
  9. I think katt_goddess should vindicate me hear :3
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