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  1. I don’t know. But I will pay someone 50 Quintilian pesetas if they can give me an accurate fortune. I know it’s only a theme park trick cous no one knows my soul fo relz. But don’t go off on me like some kind of hominid when you get that little blizzast of endorphins telling you to destroy me, when all I wanted to know is what kind of chicken eggs I will eat after church.
  2. filter out the tender reeds spit at a snowman pronounce jelly the wrong way quickly adjust my moral aptitude toss one in on the sly kept my folks guessing hacked my high schools broadband pushed back my cuticles had ham sandwiches thrice in one day trim the fur between my pets toes jumped my huffy over a turtle gotten mega greazy been late for dinner assailed a stone pillar
  3. But it’s never been summed up in twenty words or less.
  4. Farg

    Be careful

    This is Burger King, how can we grapple your assgoblins?
  5. Mecha frog and Bangman are out for blood. And tomorrow it could be your doorstep.
  6. Pickard, now streaming on Amazon Prime
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