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Found 20 results

  1. It has come down to this in the heroes' desperate battle for survival... Get heroic one last time tonight until Season 7 at Midnight tonight (4/22-23/2023). Only TOONAMI!
  2. Tonight on Toonami, Deku battles his most fearsome opponent yet: Midnight tonight (4/8-9/23), only TOONAMI!!
  3. Tonight, Deku faces a new foe--a hot lady sniper!? How will he manage to prevail against this fearsome new foe? Find out tonight at Midnight! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  4. The Saga of Deku vs. Shigaraki and the so-called Paranormal Liberation Front continues with another blockbuster pair of episodes tonight at Midnight!! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  5. Tonight we've got yet another double-header of MHA!! A food episode to welcome back Food Wars, why not? See what's up with that tonight at Midnight, ONLY TOONAMI!!
  6. Tonight (March 4-5, 2023) on Toonami, get ready for a Super Hero Power Hour!! It all starts with... Don't miss the mayhem! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  7. It's on tonight, as Dabi goes on a RAMPAGE!! MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 25-26, 2023. ONLY TOONAMI!!
  8. Shigaraki has disturbed Aizawa's concentration, so now he once again commands the full force of his devastating Quirk! Now, in some kind of sadistic game of keep-away, the Heroes DARE NOT LET HIM TOUCH THE GROUND! Will they succeed, or will he be able to unleash another wave of mass destruction? Find out tonight (February 10-11, 2023) at Midnight ON TOONAMI!! Updated version (requires Facebook to View): https://fb.watch/iDx_AvW0bV/?mibextid=NnVzG8 [deal with it]
  9. The epic saga continues, and Momo has a plan to take down the big guy, but will it work? Find out tonight at Midnight! Only Toonami!!
  10. Shigaraki was BAD ENOUGH before, but NOW!? Man, FUCK THIS GUY!! And that ain't even the 2021 Good People El Gordo Hot Sauce beer I've been drinking talking!! Check it out at midnight tonight (1/14-15/23) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  11. After years of being in more of a Narrator role, Present Mic joins the fight!! The action continues for the New Year tonight, January 7-8, 2023, at Midnight!!
  12. Dark Shadow still looms large before a 3-week hiatus!! Midnight tonight (12/17/22), only TOONAMI!!
  13. Mirko is kicking some serious PLF ASS, but will she be able to keep it up? The fun really begins at Midnight tomorrow night (12/10/22) Only TOONAMI!!
  14. The Paranormal Liberation Front is ON THE MOVE!! GO BEYOND SEASON 5, PLUS ULTRA!! MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (12/3/22), ONLY TOONAMI!! [merry xmas]
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