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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. Well, we're here for the season finale of the most controversial portrayal of the Man of Steel since Zack Snyder put Henry Cavill in his live-action adaptation of Birdy The Mighty Decode. (Snyder has admitted this). What cliffhanger will half of the 20 episode order leave us with?
  2. It has come down to this in the heroes' desperate battle for survival... Get heroic one last time tonight until Season 7 at Midnight tonight (4/22-23/2023). Only TOONAMI!
  3. Shenmue Season 1 Finale Ryu vs. Lan Di - The epic showdown! Tomorrow night (4/30-5/1) at Midnight Only Toonami!!
  4. TRIPLE THREAT!!! Episode 22: The Stolen Seal Episode 23: 3 Princesses Strike Back Episode 24: Sesshomaru's Daughter Tomorrow night (12/11-12/21) at 12:30, RYFs (Rabid Yashahime Fans) Rejoice!! Your favorite show is on TV for a full hour and a half to bring Season 1 to its possibly thrilling conclusion! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  5. Season 4, Episode 12: "The Totsuki Ten Reborn" Tonight (11/27-28/21) at 1:30 AM, we've finally come to the last bite! Last week's episode featured an inventive twist in which Soma used a technique not seen since the 2nd episode to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! But how will this showdown for Totsuki resolve? Find out tonight! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  6. Apparently, for Season 2 of Dr. Stone, the end is the beginning. Fun fact: this episode originally aired in Japan on my 40th Birthday. Tonight (7/24) at 12:30 AM, ONLY TOONAMI!!
  7. Episode 24: Signs Of Upheaval Fire Force has been a worthy presence on Toonami for years now. But will its story end on a cliffhanger? Find out tonight (5/8-5/9/21) at 2 AM as its flame finally burns out. Only Toonami!!!
  8. Assassination Classroom Episode 22: Nagisa's Time Kanji 渚の時間 Romaji Nagisa no jikan Manga Chapters Chapter 71 Chapter 72 Chapter 73 Japanese June 19, 2015 English July 22, 2015 (Broadcast Dub) Opening Jiriki Hongan Revolution Ending Hello, shooting-star Toonami air date: February 21st, 2021 at 1:00am (eastern) and 12:00am (central) This is not Takaoka and Nagisa's first encounter with each other but it very well may be their last. It's Nagisa like we have never seen him before as the previous antidote explosion sent him into a fury frenzy that spells out bloodlust on his face. With all of the antidote up in flames and Nagisa with all only one current goal of bloodshed against Takaoka what is to become of e-class? Will it turn out Koro-sensei will not end up being Nagisa's first and only kill? WIll e-class have any fighting chance against this still in their systems poison? Tune in for the season finale to see how this is all is coming to an end, for now. So many bad things can be said about Takaoka and you'd still only be scratching the surface. Only on Toonami
  9. Episode #88 (Season 4, Episode 25) SEASON FINALE: "His Start" Endeavor vs. High-End Nomu...and maybe a few more surprises! Let's end Season 4 with a BANG!!! Midnight tomorrow night (6/27-6/28/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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