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What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?


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Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars 10

Keijo!!!!!!!! 5

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 90

Lupin III: Part II 104


In which Lupin goes after a solid gold bed in the hopes of sleeping in it with Fujiko! But first...new op and ed! Yes, the fourth and final op/ed for Lupin Part II begin this episode. Both were pretty good, Fujiko running around holding a puppet of herself was pretty trippy. xD The episode itself was fine, if a bit by the number. I love that apparently Lupin's a goof even in his fantasies, and he and Fujiko survive a point-blank explosion none the worse for wear:


At least the show is willing to point fun at it's tropes. This time literally having Jigen and Goemon bet Lupin on whether or not Fujiko betrays him. A bet they win of course. xD


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Lupin III: Part II 105


In which Lupin and Fujiko search Devil's Head Island for a lost Heiki Clan treasure. Pretty weird episode. The bug obsessed young lord of the Heiki Clan was pretty annoying. That aside nothing really stood out. Even for standard Lupin fare a pretty forgettable episode.


Long Riders! 4

3-gatsu no Lion 5

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari 5

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Lupin III: Part II 106


In which Lupin must find, and later protect, a pencil eating cat! Another very strange episode, very out there plot. Even all the cats seemed very crudely drawn. Vivian could have made for a semi-interesting recurring character, but at least she found closure...I guess. xD



Dragon Ball Super 65

One Piece 763

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 3

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 20

Hunter x Hunter (2011) 26

Children Who Chase Lost Voices




Well the first thing I can say is this definitely felt like it was trying to be a Studio Ghibli film. If I hadn't known it wasn't going in I definitely would have thought it was one. The art style and character/creature designs were very reminiscent. And easily the best thing about this was those visuals. Absolutely stunning, though even that doesn't give them justice. Asuna was a very earnest, likeable protagonist, and the male leads both worked well enough. The plot did too, but the message behind the film about death being a natural part of life and all that fell flat for me. Not because it's untrue, or because there's no merit to that message, but rather simply because it's extremely well worn territory by this point. For me anyway. I've seen this concept tackled so much in media, from a brief Yoda scene in Revenge of the Sith to the core theme of 24/26 episode anime Casshern Sins, and everywhere in between. Maybe were that not the case I would have appreciated it more here. Instead it felt very by the numbers. Even Asuna's brief possession at the end wasn't much of a shakeup to the formula. It would be kinda nice if just once the dead loved one really did get resurrected with no consequences, but then that would send the wrong message I suppose. The world building was much stronger than the end goal in this film. The exotic creatures and locals really stood out. The stretch from Asuna helping to save the mute girl to leaving her with her Grandfather and continuing on the journey via boat was probably my favorite part of the film. The dub I thought was fine with a couple minor nitpicks. First, just the mouthflap matching was a bit spotty at times. Nothing major, but Sentai seems most susceptible to this of all the dubbing companies. Second, and again very minor, but it irked me that they had Brittney Karbowski voice Asuna's friend AND Shin's friend. She was fine, but really Sentai? Too cheap to use two actresses? Overall I thought it was good, and I'm glad I watched it, but I doubt I'll ever get the desire to revisit it. 7/10



Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! 6

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Lupin III: Part II 107


In which Lupin and Fujiko both learn the hard way about the curse of the Hope Diamond! Third extremely random, wacky episode in a row. The opening with Fujiko dreaming of marrying Lupin was nice. That ending with Fujiko surrounded by all the diamonds reminded me of the classic walnut episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Might have been an homage. Anyway, a silly if forgettable outing.




Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, 6

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Lupin III: Part II 108


In which a young girl assists her ailing grandfather in crafting a blade surpassing Goemon's legendary iron-cutter. Well a much more focused, dramatically serious outing than our last few, and to it's benefit I think. We saw very little of Fujiko, Jigen and Zenigata, but I liked the Nami character. Lupin's initial interaction with her was rather sleazy, she being an 11th Grader, but his merciful actions redeemed him by the end. Seeing Goemon's sword brake like that did shock me at first, but I figured out the switch just before they revealed it. Goemon may be my least favorite of the main five, but he's had the best episode of the last several.



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This season I've decided to watch the following:


- Yuri!! on ICE (sub and dub)

- Keijo!!!!!!!! (sub and dub)

- Flip Flappers

- Girlish Number

- March Comes in like a Lion

- Sound Euphonium Season 2

- My Wife is the Student Council President Season 2

- Show by Rock Season 2 (started sub, I'll switch to dub)

- 91 Days (dub, already watched the sub)

- Orange (dub)

- Joker Game (dub)

- Trickster (dub)

- Izetta: The Last Witch (sub and dub)

- Kiss Him, Not Me

- Ninja Girl & Samurai Master

- To Be Hero

- Scorching Ping Pong Girls

- Long Riders

- Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2


I watched one episode of Drifters but I think I'll just watch it dubbed same goes for Mob Psycho 100.


Waiting for the ReLife dub though I've seen it subbed.


Not sure when I'll start Dragon Ball Super and I'm very behind on JoJo and One Piece subs.

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Lupin III: Part II 109


In which, thanks to a bet made by Fujiko, Lupin finds himself facing some tricky twin hitmen in a duel to the death! Yeah, the twin reveal was expected. Reminded me of the five Murasaki brothers from Dragon Ball, though this came first. Lupin gave absolutely no shits in the second half, plowing his car through anything in his way. Pretty brutal way of tricking the brothers into shooting each other in the forehead too. In the end, Fujiko got what she deserved.



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Lupin III: Part II 110


In which Lupin and the gang become involved with a camera whose photos can predict the future. Boy what an episode. I was planning on commenting on the camera plot being an old staple from The Twilight Zone, but the episode proper had so many twists and turns it felt like quite the adventure.



I've said it before, but this episode definitely could have made a full length film. Heck, it kinda felt like one with all the twists and turns. There were a lot of great shots too, so I felt compelled to screenshot several. From Lupin's chase and capture by Zenigata at the race track:



To Lupin and Jigen being tortured and saved by Goemon. Followed by Fujiko exploiting the camera until SHE gets captured while Lupin's gang exploits it. If I never see bare-ass Jigen again it'll be too soon. xD I absolutely loved the guys fooling around with it at the park, laughing at people as they age. As a scene it's entirely throwaway-able, but really displays their friendship quite nicely.



To a sudden shift as Fujiko is tortured where we get our climax and things get really random. And it's nice to see that Zenigata saves her, being against the torture, from...robots? Huh...okay? xD



Then we reach the hostage exchange and there's several badass and sweet shots:





And just when the episode appears finished, no. Of course they're forced to land in a nudist colony to give us this:



Now really, how many Lupin episodes end with Fujiko frolicking naked on a beach with a dog? And all in 22 minutes? Quite the episode indeed. xD


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Lupin III: Part II 111


In which an ailing old acquaintance of Jigen's challenges him to steal a diamond. Pretty somber glimpse into Jigen's past, the ending especially. And in case you somehow forgot this was 1980, we got a shoe-horned in Space Invaders reference.


Well, at least Catherine and Jigen managed to find some closure...kinda.




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Lupin III: Part II 112


In which Goemon is abducted and brutally tortured by hitmen Wolf and Rose in order to discover Lupin's weakness! And boy, brutal is absolutely the right word. Sheesh, for an episode that has Goemon singing YMCA in the bath and Lupin playing with a Fujiko blow up doll in the first minute or two you wouldn't expect such brutality.




Really an episode dedicated  to Goemon's toughness and loyalty. And a fine look into his relationship with Lupin.





Girlish Number 5

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Marathoned through Overlord and Jitsu wa Watashi wa the other night, now I'm reading the mangas.  I liked some of the things in overlord that were added to the battle scenes. The manga just doesn't seem to capture battles nearly as well. Jitsu wa Watashi wa was alright, but it skipped a lot of stuff in the manga. The only issue with the manga is that faces sometimes are off model or lower quality at times. It's either a case of the mangaka trying to rush and being sloppy or he has someone on the team that can't draw faces.




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The Jitsu wa manga gets more consistent in that regard, though I loved it from the beginning. Even buying the English releases.


Lupin III: Part II 113


In which Lupin steals a treasure buried beneath a police department for a ghostly old man. I was out of my element for this one. I really have no familiarity with the Chushingura, fictionalized accounts of the historical 47 ronin, this episode seemed to revolve around. As such I didn't get much out of it. Lupin's steadfast refusal to acknowledge Kira as a ghost was probably the most amusing part. That or the random vacation trip ending. xD


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Yoko has some cute moments. Sometimes I feel she gets a bit of the To-love-ru Darkness treatment, where the main girl is almost written out of the show or becomes a side character for like 20 chapters. I guess it's what happens when you are trying to develop meaningful relationships with so many characters. Still waiting to see if the teacher and principal get thrown into the mix at some point.

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Lupin III: Part II 114


In which a descendant of Judas tries to use Zenigata to steal a map from Lupin that holds the location of a lost heirloom of Christ. Well the Jesus stuff was pretty nutty. Who knew Judas betrayed him for a completely different reason all along? xD Poor Zenigata, played by a golddigger. Felt like his part in the story just kinda petered out by the end to make time for the spectacle of the ice train. The stuff with the X-Ray eyedrops was the most fun here. Lupin using them to gawk at Fujiko's "natural baby bottles" in particular. xD



And, oh yes, another fourth wall gag.


Someday Zenigata, if Fujiko can get her own series why not you? xD


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Lupin III: Part II 115


In which Lupin tries to steal the Mona Lisa! The Mona Lisa seems to be a favorite among the Lupin writers as it's been in at least 3 of the 4 series. He steals it and uses it as part of a sail in an earlier, green jacket Lupin outing, and an entire episode centers on it in a later, blue jacket outing. Fairly standard caper in the first half. I didn't really get much out of the twist ending with the multiple Mona Lisa.


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Lupin III: Part II 116


In which Lupin must face Zenigata, the mafia, and a foe from his past out for revenge in an attempt to steal a legendary golden treasure ship on New Years Eve. Pretty fun outing, loved the wintry atmosphere. Fujiko seemed especially focused on the mission, often snapping at everyone. Lupin's plan did require Zenigata to give in to several questionable demands to work, and the hypnosis reveal was a pretty big cheat. Although I did smile at Antonio being immune due to previously losing his ears, and he was the real antagonist in this one, not Zenigata. His death was left ambiguous enough for me to wonder if he might ever return.




Lupin III: Part II 117


In which Lupin gets involved in a marriage scheme! Easily the wackiest, most nonsensical episode in awhile, possibly ever. Transforming chewing gum, Zenigata dressing as 70s tv detectives Kojak and Ironside, a fourth wall shattering ending, need I go on? None of this tried making any logical sense and I largely tuned out. Save for a few minutes/gags like the Zenigata one noted above and fake Fujiko's striptease ending:



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Lupin III: Part II 118


In which, while searching for Captain Cook's treasure, Lupin encounters a Japanese fighter pilot who still thinks the war is going on! Pretty weird episode, the mix of goofy scenes like the pilot catching an atomic bomb with a butterfly net didn't mesh too well with the more serious plot. Scenes like just letting the bad guy go and Zenigata's immense plot induced stupidity were pretty weak as well. Still, being the sentimental guy I am I couldn't help but enjoy the sweet ending with Lupin and Fujiko staring up together at the night stars:



And Jigen's cute reaction:




Lupin III: Part II 119


In which Lupin faces...Lupin! Well hardly the first episode to have two Lupins, but the more interesting focus to me was on Lupin and Fujiko's relationship. Seeing his turmoil after her faked death felt rather sweet:



At the same time we later find out he knew she was faking all along, so he must be a great actor! We nearly had our second sentimental ending in a row with Lupin holding Fujiko, but instead she calls him out on faking the rainwater. Speaking of we even get to see how they first met this episode! Sigh, if only they could be more honest with each other. And, oh yes, this:



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Lupin III: Part II 120


In which Lupin faces Frankenstein's monster...for about 3 minutes near the end! Most of the rest just involved Goemon getting possessed by his ancestor. Strange that such a supernatural plot felt so boring to me but it did. Maybe I'm too tired or something but this one didn't do much for me. I did notice the monster's roars sounded closer to a kaiju like Godzilla than Boris Karloff though, that was slightly amusing.




Drifters 6

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