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Zom 100 Episode 5: "Hero Of The Dead" Discussion!

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Look up in the sky! Is it One-Punch Man? MHA??

No, it's Toonami's latest superhero, Akira!

Too bad for him, zombie bites in the sharkbite-proof suit may not infect, but they DO still hurt!

More zombified zaniness tonight at 12:30, ONLY TOONAMI!!

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Zombie fake-out.  Childhood flashback heh.

Yeah it wouldn't hurt to have some superheroes in this world.  

Whaaaat the military was actually effective against zombies?!

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A zombie shark?!  Fuck that!

Oh, sharkbite proof suit.  

Of course there's a damn zombie on the bus.  And that girl turned fast.  That escalated quickly.

You should've gotten here sooner, Akira!

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