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Waking up 3 days in a row...


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There were some kids playing ding dong ditch with my house here. Scooters seem to be the favorite mode of transportation for the little fucks so one time after my dog had stealth alerted me to the shit for brains I got ready to trail the dude back to his origin on my board. Found out he lives on the last house down...Dude was incredibly quick after knocking to jet down the side walk on the scooter throw it down and dive into his house...I guess he wasn't expecting an adult my age to have a skateboard idk..Mine stays right by my front door a lot these days so I was like lol fuck it..Troll scooter kid mode engage.

Still felt too much like an adult when I was right behind him and he kind of hesitated opening his front door like wait.."He knows where I live now fuck!"

I mean I was just like..."Busted, would you cut it out. I know it's been you the whole time now don't make me tell your parents.." Kid's parents are my direct neighbors anyway, and I think that's grannies house or something. That kid was so defeated it made me feel kind of bad though...

I swear I'm never busting a kid ding dong ditching again lol. The kids face was priceless, but yeah I'm a dick... 

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