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Hi, it's personal, more personal than that?


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This has similar meaning to one which has always sought out a real place to call (in the words of a trusting, inexperienced, and wild natured fool,) a (I know better than to call it a,) home?


Is this place not the same, as if I were to use platform and personality, flavor you somehow learned to despise, through group pressure,... deciding to out my every move,  makes a question still possible,) 


Do you care?  Can I be one of the good old boys now?  Anyone need a free mumbo, lololol?

Hasn't been checked...

No one has crafted a reason for me to abandon our mysterious friendships that are indeed rare, and a host for all of us, is no mystery, it's a miracle!


I want to say I learned a lot on TV yesterday.  Condolences.  🤗

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