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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Episode 10 "Clair De Lune" Discussion

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The past is the past, even if some of the memories aren't real  bladerunnerblacklotus.jpg?quality=80

Episode 10:
"Clair De Lune"
Toonami air date: January 16th, 2022 at midnight (Eastern time) & 11:00pm (Central time) 

The hunters are dead but for Elle trauma isn't nearly as easy to kill. Join in for a new episode of Black Lotus tonight, where sometimes you have to face your past before you can hope to move forward. 

"Feel You Now" by Alessia Cara

Never bring a sword to a gun fight...


...unless you're Elle.


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She's going to purge her memory, really?!

Then it looks like J won't tell her he knows who it is and was working for Wallace Jr. this whole time.

Though, Elle will probably be pretty disappointed if she meets him.  He doesn't seem to care that much about her, if he's already got a new doll to play with.

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