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Assassination Classroom: Season 2 "Killer Double Feature" Episode 23 & 24

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It's double trouble time as we welcome season two of Assassination Classroom with the first two premiere episodes from 12:30am until 1:30am (1/9/2022)

Episode 1 (23 overall)
"Summer Festival Time"
"Natsumatsuri no Jikan" (Japanese: 夏祭りの時間)


Episode 2 (24 overall)
"Kaede Time"
"Kaede no Jikan" (Japanese: カエデの時間)


Opening theme"Question" by 3-E Utatan



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Of course they bring Bebop back.  Thanks a lot Netflix for driving Demarco to this!  But I'm still not watching it again!

With three Shippuden, we will be over with it faster.  But with our luck, we'll get back to regular schedule and be stuck in filler again!

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